Technological Takeover


Adara Walker, Reporter

For over a decade, technology has been a very large part of our society. Technology helps us complete our assignments, keep in contact with friends, and do practically anything everything we need to do in order to go about our daily lives.

In the beginning technology was thought to be one of the biggest steps forward in our culture. Computers and televisions were invented which helped everybody stay updated on the latest news and events. Today, technology is thought –by some– to be one of the most dangerous creations.

Technology has become one of the most addictive things in almost everybody’s life. It is almost always in your hand, in your pocket, or sitting on your lap. The only time your cell phone isn’t physically attached to you is when you’re asleep; and even then your phone is most likely next to you. In recent generations, kids as young as eight years old are getting their very own cell phones. Addiction to cell phones is becoming a very big issue with many consequences that come with it. In recent years, teens who would normally have good eyesight have began to get glasses, and even bifocals due to the amount of screentime they consume each day. As of 2015, 56% of teens had accessed the internet several times a day, and 24% were almost constantly on their phones.

On average, teens spend almost the whole day on their phone; nearly nine hours a day to be exact. For tweens between the ages of eight and 12, almost six hours of their day is spent on technology.

Not only is technology addictive, it can also harm you. Staring at a computer, cell phone, television, or tablet screen for hours on end puts a serious strain on your eyes. Many teens have been getting glasses in the past years, due to technology.