Behind the Scenes of the Gargoyle


Siena Kelly and Adara Walker

Throughout the many hours, work, stress and success, many things get put into producing the Gargoyle. The newspaper staff is the brilliance behind it all. In the past 94 years, the student led newspaper has produced many issues of the Gargoyle. This year, there are six editors on the staff.

Senior Emma Margesson has been on the newspaper staff since sophomore year. She is the Design Editor for the Gargoyle. Some of the things newspaper has taught her through the years are many Photoshop skills as well as improving her writing, which is one of the things Margesson enjoys most about being on newspaper, not to mention being able to create stories with friends. “One of my favorite things about the school newspaper is that it gives the students a voice and keeps people updated,” Margesson says. “Some of the things students should be prepared for before entering newspaper is a lot of writing, keeping up with the news and talking to people during interviews,” Margesson says.

Senior Siena Kelly has been on the newspaper staff for three years. She is the Co-Editor of the Gargoyle. One of her favorite things about being on newspaper staff is being able to write articles about different topics. One of Kelly’s favorite stories she has covered in her newspaper career so far has been a piece on ‘Planned Parenthood Funding’. “Newspaper has given me a responsibility outside of grades,” Kelly says. “Students joining newspaper should be prepared for lots of responsibility because you’re producing an actual product,” She says, “I think the school newspaper is important because it it is important for students to have a say in what goes on in the world.” If there is an opportunity to continue journalism after high school, Kelly says she would possibly take it.

Junior Dante Quintana has been on the newspaper staff since the middle of last year and is currently working as the Sports Editor. “I like newspaper because the writing is more free than writing an essay and there are more angles.” Quintana believes that it is very important to meet deadlines in newspaper because if you don’t turn in your work on time you will seem less reliable. There is a lot of writing and editing that students should be prepared for before joining newspaper, as well as lots of constructive criticism. “I didn’t know how much I liked journalism until I got put in here.” He says being on this staff made his sophomore year much more enjoyable. The article Quintana has enjoyed publishing the most was about all the adventures and places in Colorado that there are to visit. Quintana sees himself continuing journalism outside of high school, especially if he has an opportunity to write about sports.

Senior Tiarra Pierre-Louis has been on newspaper for two years, now working as the A&E Editor. “I love writing and expressing myself and seeing the final product.” Pierre-Louis says about her favorite part of newspaper. “It gives peers a voice and allows students to be apart of an extracurricular activity in school that’s not athletic.” After high school, Pierre-Louis says she would minor in something similar to journalism, such as creative writing. One of Pierre-Louis’ favorite stories she has covered was about Peyton Manning’s retirement. She says that some of the things students should be prepared for before entering newspaper is that it moves quick and is most of the work is put on the students. “It’s 95 percent you and five percent the teacher.”

Senior Maddy Carr has been on the newspaper staff for three years now. She is currently working as the Opinion Editor. What Carr thinks is most important about The Gargoyle is that it gives students a choice to voice their opinions which doesn’t happen often. Newspaper is one of the few times students get to involve themselves  with school without involving themselves with a bunch of teachers, Carr believes. “Newspaper has given me a place where I can voice my opinions and not be judged.” Carr says that after high school, she won’t major in journalism but definitely sees herself always writing in the future. One of the top stories Carr has written so far was either on Islamophobia in America or Donald Trump’s “rise to power” she says. “Students should be prepared to put in a serious amount of work both in and out of the classroom.” Carr says.

This is the second year of being on the newspaper staff for senior Estrella Damian. She is currently working as the Co-Editor of The Gargoyle. Some of Damian’s favorite things about being on newspaper is that she gets to write, meet new people and gain knowledge on the community and world around her. The high school newspaper is important to her because she believes it is unifying and connects students on a broad platform that is relevant to everybody’s life. “Students should be prepared to break out of their shell, not be shy and to think outside of the box.” The most interesting story Damian has covered she says, was an article about horoscopes. “Yes, I would pursue a career in journalism, especially if I go to Pepperdine.” Damian says.

Newspaper is a community made up of diverse, intriguing and talented young journalists. Being apart of the staff is an opportunity many should take, due to the skills gained and many things learned. If interested in joining second semester contact Mr. Nick Schelke.