Call for a Boycott for 2022 Winter Olympics

Kennedy Torrez, Journalist

The annual international olympics is held every year during the summer and winter. This event is consistently changing locations, giving different countries the opportunity to host. This year the host for the winter olympics is none other than China, but one thing has changed… there has been a reported increase in human rights abuses in China. Mainly the abuses have been against the minorities there, including; Muslim Uyghurs, and Tibetans. Thus there has also been a call to action, many activists and people from these communities have asked for people to consider boycotting this event. The recurring question though is are officials and the host of these gatherings actually expecting there to be a severe decline in attendance? Due to the popularity of the event many speculate that this call to action will have no effect on the games; and everything is on schedule to run as planned. Doing some further research it was discovered that most of these calls have been met with silence. There has been little to no response or media coverage on the issue. If anything the only place that has been repeatedly  advocating about what is happening is some social media apps, including instagram, facebook, and some influencers have posted about this  on their snapchat stories. Thus unfortunately due to the lack of coverage and popularity of the event it seems the chance of the boycott having any effect to change things is little to none.