Semi Truck Collides with Train Causing an Explosion to go off

On Feb 23, 2021, an explosion went off in Texas, at the city of Cameron, when a semi truck collided with a train carrying chemicals it caused an explosion to occur. An 18-wheeler truck lost control and swerved into a railroad crossing and as the truck was in the railroad crossing, the train then came and hit the truck.  

As the two collided, the train was carrying 110 train cars which were carrying petroleum causing the explosion to become even bigger and spread fire. After the police got there they evacuated people that were half a mile away from the incident to prevent any future injuries. After they evacuated the area they began to investigate what had happened and if this collision was on purpose.

The police have received the communication at 6:45 am CT and send mutual aid to first responders in this incident. Since the collision caused a huge explosion because of the petroleum and chemicals, the police have labeled the incident as a hazmat situation.

As the police are under investigation there is still a lot to uncover and do not have enough information as they have not yet investigated the incident thoroughly.