Emotional Connections and Social Media

Jagger Roberts, Journalist

Did you know that you can grow emotional connections with the media and social media? Currently from Facebook’s latest update there are over 500 Million people using Instagram every day. There are also 1.85 billion people using Facebook every day. It could be for finding someone to fall in love with or it could even be just for posting daily updates that are based around the world or about the user’s life. 

Social media can affect a user’s mental health in many ways such as depression, anxiety, self-harm and even loneliness. But on the other hand social comparison could go either ways in even helping someone make the right decisions or even comparing that person’s downfall to the other person’s rise. So in both ways it can help you and affect you, it can help you know what you can do to improve your persona and it could be the epitome of you if you do or say the wrong thing.  

Let’s take a look at News and how it can affect our political stand points and how they can use fake news to either help or harm a person’s persona. What I’m trying to say here is that sometimes the News twists their words to not tell the truth about what actually happened. Although most of the time fake news usually pops up during political events like elections or something big happened in the country or world. Then they hear so many other stand points from other people they have to mix up their words to not get plagiarized or copyrighted. The media/News can also change the minds of public opinion, between influencing the public to change their minds about how something so big could be little in our lives everyday. They usually use different types of advertising techniques to get their point across.

So how do you feel about putting down your phone in bed or watching tv or news late at night? Blue light from screens can hurt your eyes and sometimes even cause insomnia so that is why i am going to bed right now goodnight.