The Texas crisis & how it affected families

Hanan Negash, Journalist

The deadly winter storm that left many Texans without power, clean water, and many dead. Last week’s winter storm impacted every region of the state, leaving big damages. This crisis forced many out of their own homes in search of electricity and heat. For those staying home without heat had to wear layers of blankets to stay warm. 

Due to the frigid weather came the power grid failure, which left millions of Texans without electricity and heat in the cold. Later after the power failed residents started to realize that the tap water wasn’t safe to drink, leaving them no other choice but to boil their water before it is safe to be used. The water shortages, pipe bursts, and power outage also made it hard for hospitals to take care of patients. A man who was hospitalized died because there wasn’t any clean water for him to take his medication with.  Without water and food millions were on a hunger strike. 

The dangerous storm also left residents with food shortages at some stores. Shelves were almost completely empty as most Texans bought extra food to prepare for the winter storms. The storm also delayed vaccine delivery and vaccinations not only in Texas but more States who were also going through a heavy winter storm. President Biden was planning on delivering Covid vaccinations but the storm made it difficult for the delivery to happen. 

The state’s power plant wasn’t ready for the freezing conditions. When The pipeline transferring the natural gas froze the production of gas also froze. As people try to use the heater the problem gets worse. Texas residents who still had power were hit with the high striking electricity bill. 

In this crisis more than 50 people have died not only in Texas but in other states as well. Those who died suffered from hypothermia, house fire, drowning, and car crashes caused by the icy road. In Taxes a woman and child died from using their car to heat up their home. The Houston police department has confirmed that the cause of death was carbon monoxide poisoning.

This was a very scary and tragic winter storm. You can still help Texans in need by donating to the Houston food bank. They are collecting donations to feed families that are still out of power and struggling to find food and clean water.