Talk to your counselor about taking Dr. Deserino’s CE course!

Juliana Martinez, Journalist

South High school offers many courses to every student, and we are lucky to have amazing teachers who are dedicated to helping students learn. Whether it is a CE class, an AP class, a honors class, or simply a normal course, they are all helping students get prepared. CE classes are eligible for college credit and they look great on high school transcripts. A particular CE course is Dr. Deserino’s political science course. If you are looking to get a civics credit and college credit, this is a great option. Dr. Deserino is a hidden gem at South, but those who get to know him would probably say that he is a great teacher. He is always willing to answer questions. He makes it known that he loves teaching by his positive attitude. When asked about what inspired him to become a teacher he said, “I knew that I wanted to be a teacher the moment I became interested in US History, I think I was either 13 or 14 years old. At the time my thought was how best could I talk about my take with history and politics on others.”  This shows how invested Dr. D has been in politics and continues to thrive and show his dedication to them. Dr. D always puts his students first, when asked about teaching is class he said, “Student interaction! Here, the ability of students to feel comfortable speaking their mind on issues of political importance to them is a key element to their progress into becoming informed in their views and opinions.” He is always expressing how much student voice means to him and he gives a safe place to talk about their views. This is the way of a great teacher, someone who puts the students first. In his words, a reason you should take the class is, “Why not! Well in all seriousness not only does the course provide you, the student, with transferable college credit, but it provides a look into what an higher academic course actually looks like, what it feels like. Finally, the course is a student led discussion course, which opens the door for students to feel comfortable expressing their political / constitutional viewpoints in a safe environment.” Many students have felt freedom in his classroom to express their true beliefs without being belittled or feeling like their view was “wrong”. If going into the class knowing nothing about politics, you will leave that class knowing so much. A huge take away from this class is, “Knowledge of the Constitution and why it is still vital to understand 234 years after its conception. In addition, I would say an importance lies in how to see it and use it.” Knowing your rights in America is one of the most important things you could know, especially as young teenagers and young adults. In this time of life, it is essential to know what you are allowed to do, which is why this class is a great opportunity. A few parents have shown their love for Deserino’s course because he puts the students first. A fellow parent said, “The case study that Dr. Deserino has brought to class, Hernández vs. Texas, has been very eye-opening to our family. We have heard similar stories passed down from one generation to the next, and what it was like for Mexican-Americans to live in this area during segregation. I think it’s great that all kids learn about how awful segregation and slavery was in the southern states… It’s very unfortunate, to say the least, that more people aren’t also exposed to Hernández vs. Texas and other issues that many Americans were also facing at the time.” Deserino’s class shows sides of history that are hidden and it makes it way more than a normal history class, it connects students to a part of history they didn’t know before. There are many amazing things about Deserino’s class that you would have to experience for yourself, if it was all written down it would be like reading a book. Talk to your counselor about taking Dr. Deserino’s CE course!