Why I love Florida

Janae Martinez, Journalist

Out of all the places I went to I really loved Florida and I’m going to tell you why. 

Florida because it was just so nice and hot. Not to mention , this was my first place I went by plane. When we first got there we were in Orlando. Coming from Denver it was cold and snowing so around winter time I was all in the winter clothes. We went to a hotel room dropped are things off. Went to a Disney store and to explore things we ran into this amusement park so we went on some rides and then went swimming. The next day we went to Disney World and it was a lot of fun, just because  the lines were long. I went on the space mountain ride and if I could I would ride it over and over because it was fun. My family and I got there early when it opened and stayed all day. I wanted to get one of those balloons that was clear and had the mickey ears on it but we couldn’t take it home so it would have to get popped or something. We ate and had a good time , the best part was the send seeing the fireworks come out of the castle.  After a couple days my family and I went to Daytona beach. We had his hotel that was on or by the beach where we can look on the balcony and see the beach. We walked around here seeing all the different things. I tried the new place called bubba gump and it was not good. Next day we went to the beach in Daytona but lemme tell you and was EVERYWHERE. I found some cute seashells and wanted to bring them home but sadly i left them in a hotel room. For the next 3 days of my vacation we went to Miami. It was a lot of fun because my sister and I had our own  room. We had a living room area and then places for her the rooms would be. While being in Miami we ate at a place that was used filming in a moving so that was really cool. I also saw the dolphins stadium , went to see where some tv shows were filmed like jersey shore house was. We also went to a store that was called DASH that was made by the Kardashian before they closed down.  After that we went walking downtown Miami and there we went to the beach. It was pretty to see at night. The last day being there we ate breakfast down in the lobby of the hotel room and went walking around and exploring Miami some more later on the day we went to the airport to come back home and I can say it was a pretty good trip and fun too !