Covid-19 and Business

Ash Lopez, Journalist

Although COVID-19 has been very unpredictable, and has easily ripped through many networks and businesses, it has also benefited others.

Most businesses rely on in-person visits from customers, and websites are usually more of a second thought, an ad to attract customers to visiting their store.

However, once COVID hit, everything changed. Businesses either could not support themselves enough to stay afloat, with everyone staying at home, and so had to fire employees or close down entirely.

According to, “As of Aug. 31, 163,735 businesses were listed as closed, with 97,966 of them permanent closures — a 23 percent increase from July 10, the report said.”

Businesses staying afloat, however, have 2 types.

Either it is barely staying afloat, customers are sparse, and they are working hard to try and not lose too much money, minimizing damage, or the business is booming with customers.

For example, the pandemic has forced many people to buy online until stores reopened, leading to businesses that specialize in online shopping to explode with customers.

Businesses like Amazon, for instance. Amazon is a primarily online company, where customers can buy almost anything if they use the right search term.

COVID-19 exploding onto the scene has most likely affected their company and profits positively, having more and more people resort to large companies in order to receive the essentials they need.

Other companies are also adapting to online shopping, making it easier for customers to get what they need, and quickly. This has resulted in COVID-19 negatively affecting small businesses that can’t get by with the small amounts of money they receive, but for large companies that can afford to make major changes like that, it is all they need.

In conclusion, COVID-19 has negatively affected small businesses and locally owned businesses, but for large companies and businesses, it has been easier for them to make profits if they adapt quick enough.