Texas Snow Storm

Taylor Lehman, Journalist

Texas is typically a warm state all year with temperatures reaching 90-100 degrees in the summer and 50-40’s in the winter.  Snowfall is rare although it can occasionally receive an overnight frost/dust fall.  This was until two and a half weeks ago, February 16, Texas received their worst snow storm with no time to prepare.

When areas get extremely cold, it is almost impossible to produce heat.  Unless, you live in a cold climate area that people have learned to adapt and engineer power to accommodate the state’s people.  Here in Colorado, preparation is key to stay safe in the winter.  Houses are built with special insulation to maintain heat, people buy snow tires, and certain salts are created to melt ice.  In places such as Texas, they have different engineering systems to accommodate their needs.  They are not provided with a special insulation to maintain heat in the freezing cold or do they purchase snow tires to prevent sliding around on the ice.  Texans were severely under prepared, suffering to maintain their safety. 

My Grandmother, Nancy, lives in Houston, Texas.  She has visited me in Denver plenty of times during all seasons, especially the winter; therefore, she has a clear idea of how harsh the snow can be.  When news spread about the winer incident happening in Texas, I immediately called her to get her thoughts.  Nancy stated, “It’s terrible here.  The electricity, power, and heat have been out in my house for three days!  I have to pile on 5 blankets to feel some warmth again.  People here are scared, we have no clue on how to handle incidents like this and our homes are not built for this type of weather.  The roads are even worse.  I am refraining from driving until all of this passes because people are sliding around everywhere and the accidents are terrible.  I am staying safe within my freezing home, but I truly hope this passes soon.  Everyone is struggling and when all of this passes I can’t even imagine how long it will take for the cities to become normal once again.”

At the moment, Texas is on their road to recovery.  Although power has been restored to citizens, the electrics, water, and heat bills have put many people in financial distraught.  To help citizens recover, companies stated that citizens who were not able to make their payments, power companies will be temporarily restricted from sending customers invoices.  Food and water shortages are being resolved as delivery vehicles are expediting products to grocery stores.  Insurance companies are overflowing but working at a fast pace to provide fixtures for houses, cars, and other belongings.

“I believe this winter storm shedded light to other states.  Our struggles showed how unprepared we were and provided insight that our country needs to do better as a whole.  Everyone needs to be prepared for anything to happen” stated Nancy.