South High School Instagram Page

Bella Bowen, Journalist

Denver south high school recently switched up their logo, team names and merchandise. Formerly known as the “rebels” decided to change it after the names past came to light. John Rebel was a confederate soldier who fought in the civil war in the 1860’s. The community found the name offensive and south gladly started the process of changing their identity.

Near the beginning of the year a poll went up for south students to choose between a number of names like Royals or Ravens. It took a few months but after vote after vote and opinion after opinion souths students and staff finally decided on the ravens! Many students were happy about the ravens being our new mascot. It was unique but still went with our colors and sounds good in pep rally chants (if we ever have them again).

Many modifications needed to be made as the new mascot was chosen. Things like rebel report, Sport chants, banners or posters, Year book and merchandise. These changes came pretty easy for the school to make and got done in a timely fashion. Some other assets took longer to change especially merchandise.

There are a few kinds of merchandise south provides, Each sport team has their own set of clothing ext but the school also offers parents, staff and students their own south merch to rep for the school or just everyday clothing. Recently south announced on their Instagram the they finally came out with all of these clothing items. Various designs are being released some simple and some not so simple. Its safe to say the south community is very excited about this announcement