Bringing it back: The 70’s 80’s and 90’s as explored on film and current trends

Eleanor Thorman, Journalist

Through the past couple years, we have seen an upsurge in late 20th century content as it returns to film and fashion. The children of past decades have now matured to filmmakers and wish to show romanticized versions of their childhood. This is echoed on shows like Stranger Things and That 70’s Show and many other shows. We’ve recently seen a resurgence of 80’s and 90’s fashion trends. Mom jeans, layered shirts, fluorescent colors and fanny packs coming back with a vengeance; this has widely been embraced by chain stores like Urban Outfitters which now sell such fashion items and more retro paraphernalia like cassette tapes and record players.

 As the infatuation with past decades increases and becomes more widespread, big name companies can profit off the aesthetic as it creates the need for more expensive versions of things we already have (eg. tapes, records of modern songs that could be found on spotify or apple music). The recent upsurge in shows depicting the late 20th century has given young viewers a nostalgia for a time they have never known. The wish to return to an older, seemingly simpler time is fueled by the misunderstandings of the less talked about aspects of the time. 

There are many reasons as to why the late eighties and early nineties are more talked about now, as the shows depicting the 80’s prompt watchers to explore shows and movies of the time period. We got such classics as Sixteen Candles, Big, Heathers, Dead Poets Society and more. 

These types of films seemingly introduced a new genre of classics, those that were easily relatable and understanding to teens. You didn’t need to do much to understand the characters, and the movies seemed to put an emphasis on coming of age, learning to understand your place in the world. Of course, there were films that explored the concept of growing into adulthood before the 80’s, but the film industry began specifically targeting teenagers as an audience.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to experience a different time, especially now, and the ability to enjoy these relics while also being able to turn to modern technology is all the more helpful. All in all, they are very interesting decades to reminisce upon, and there’s more than enough material to showcase its lure.