Red Rocks, Supposed, 2021 Concert Series

Maeve Downs, Journalist

If the past year has taught us anything, it’s don’t take stuff for granted… The pandemic has taken away the human from the experience. Particularly for Denver Civilians, an experience that most of us can agree makes us feel alive is attending a concert at the Red Rocks Amphitheater. As national shutdowns proceeded throughout the summer of 2020, the coveted “Summer Concert Series” was not held, while already bought tickets sat in the back pockets of disheartened fans. Despite that covid is still the persistent topic in our lives almost a year later, Red Rocks have already rescheduled multiple concerts for the approaching months. The idea of a slightly more “normal” summer is quite an exciting one, however, will concerts even be a feasible option?

A look at upcoming shows:

Unsurprisingly, we can’t expect a typical concert experience. You can’t uncover much information from Red Rock’s official site but spokesman Brian Kitts stated, “You know you’ll still be able to see a show and you’ll be in the venue, but it’s not going to feel that same way as it has in the past”. “Kitts also added that it won’t be the kind of general admission that people may be used to. Expect mask-wearing and lower capacity” (Gionet).

In terms of the limpid rules regarding attending shows, no one is certain how this will surface. July might be a month to look out for as vaccinations are projected to be accessible to the majority of the US population. Considering the boundless nature of concerts, it’s hard to imagine listeners adhering to COVID-19 restrictions without trouble. Plus, given the limitations, it may be economically challenging, as artists aren’t able to sell a mass amount of tickets. Even though there are potential implications of opening the amphitheater, it’s harmless to remain optimistic as long as you can practice covid safety.