Fire Red 4 Jordan’s Review

Julian Maestas, Journalist

Do you like wearing Jordan’s? Are you a sneakerhead? Did you hit on the Fire Red 4’s in November? Well, me personally I missed out on them but just the other day I got them from a local reseller here in Colorado. So I am going to tell you everything that is special about them, why they have gone up in value, and why I decided I had to go get them even though I didn’t when they came out.

So first of all I recently turned into a big sneakerhead and have even started a youtube channel for it so I wanted this pair to show off. This shoe is a real classic, The original Jordan 1 was a Chicago/Fire Red colorway with White/Red/Black. These are the Jordan 4 Fire Red colorway and these really are a gem you can wear with anything. The real reason I wanted them was because I have a lot of red clothes to wear with them whenever I decide to bust them out. They were $200 retail when they dropped in November and I wish I would have paid that.

So since release day they have went up in value very much. Now  in general a Jordan 4 never sits at retail and goes up to around $280. Now if I wanted to go on StockX or Goat right now and order it would cost me around $300 after fees. Now me I said there is no way I am paying that and I found a person in Colorado on Instagram who was a reseller and I went and picked them up for a steal at $250 and was so excited.

Now what is special about this shoe and made them go in value like this is it is one of the more new Jordan 4’s with the Nike Air instead of the Jumpman. 4’s used to come with Jordan tags hanging from them and a Jumpman in the back but now on these and a few before them on the back there is a Nike Air and hanging from them is a Nike Air Tag which I personally love. Also they come with a box that has Nike Air on the Jordan box instead of Jumpmans all over it. Not only that red is so many people’s favorite color so this shoe went crazy, great shoe to have.