February Art Feature

Nina Dorighi and Grace McClung, Journalists

Several students submitted their drawings, painting, creative writing, photos, and more to us, and these are our top three picks for this month!

Erdene Batjargal

Sophomore Erdene Batjargal created this unique and realistic drawing last year. “I’ve been drawing since elementary school,” she said, but after stopping in 5th grade, Erdene recently picked it up again. For her, art can “mean many things”, but she relies mostly on feeling. “I tend to draw faces the most [and] when I finish a piece with a face in it I wanna be able to feel the person’s emotion in that moment. I also wanna feel like the person has come to life on a piece of paper,” she said. Erdene also added that while she wants people to make their own interpretations of her art, she also wants them to experience the same feeling and share her same idea. “I enjoy the unity in thoughts artists can make,” she told us.

Haley Ekstrand

Haley Ekstrand a junior this year but did this painting her sophomore year. She has been painting for 15 years and has made numerous pieces over the course of her high school career at South. She even won the gold key award for the piece she submitted to the Scholastic art competition. When asked about the meaning of this particular piece she said,“a lot of it is representational to me and to the reader of topics that are of importance to me whether it be with myself or the world.” She adds, “I want them to take away what they see from my art. I have never had specific meanings behind them besides what I think. It is very conceptual to the viewer.”

Jasmine E. Oertel

The last piece on display is a creative writing piece written last year by sophomore Jasmine Oertel who has been writing for a while. She likes writing because, “Since I can write better than speak, it is a way for me to express my creativity.” Her art is meant to show “what I mean through it and the beauty within.”

“Fire Dance”

Fire hot and fire red, burning with orange flame within, twixt ash and log and blue flames and gold the dance has now begun. Over and over the sparks fly higher, dancing to the ghostly flight of heat and lighter still the ashes fall, heavy with darkness and demons now.

Coals glow blue like frost in cold, wishing they could be so bold to behold the morning light so high above the clouds they saw in old.  Still dancing now the flames move quick, oxygen shaping the flames, and in a glorious rage the flames go out as the last is now gone.

Thanks to everyone who submitted, and we look forward to seeing more from these artists in the future!