Uighur Concentration Camps: What’s Happening and What You Can Do To Help

Uighur Concentration Camps: What’s Happening and What You Can Do To Help

Eleanor Thorman, Journalist

In the region of Xinjiang, China, Muslim concentration camps are being held and branded as “re-education” camps. The original narrative being pushed by the Beijing government was that the camps were voluntary re-education programs that were aimed at reducing extremism. The aim of the camps was recently discovered to be more sinister- to convert the Kazakhs and Uighurs to Chinese, with the goal to effectively wipe out an entire ethnicity. The Beijing government has been quoted in relation to the camps as saying that they stride to “get rid of an environment that breeds terrorism”. This is ethnic cleansing, and the severity of the issue should not be plastered over with xenophobic views. Over 11 million Uighurs have been imprisoned, and the camps have been running for the past three years, with the news of it just recently breaking due to China’s censorship of the media. Muslims have been tortured through interrogation and physical abuse. In order to be released, the prisoners are forced to praise the communist party and denounce their beliefs.

What you can do about it:

Boycott Certain stores which profitize off the enslaved labor and support the camps.   


Read the link to see the full list of brands in connection with the concentration camps.  

The issue with the clothing in link to the concentration camps is the cotton from which the clothes are made.

Tech brands are also implicated in forced labor, with the most prominent of them being big name companies like Nintendo, Apple, Samsung, and Amazon.  It is unrealistic to abandon all forms of technology associated with these companies, but when making new purchases, remind yourself that you vote with your dollar, and each purchase can either negatively or positively impact our world.  The Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act will stop trade from Uyghur prisoners to companies, this bill is imperative to helping end their suffering one thing at a time. 

Contact Senators John Hickenlooper and Michael Bennet and implore them to support the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act


Contact our state senators and request that they back the Forced Labor Prevention Act so that the bill will pass. It helps shed light on the abuse within the industry and helps the American law force step in to further enforce it once it becomes law. 

Refuse to allow Beijing to host the 2022 winter Olympics 

Beijing should not be celebrated for its refusal to condemn this mass torture, and should not be giving a platform for the rest of the world to look at as a symbol of unity across the globe.  Sign this petition to help make sure that they are not celebrated for their actions. 


Continue to educate yourself 

No one article or source can properly convey all the important information needed to form an opinion. Continue to educate yourself by browsing news articles about similar topics and try to gather enough sustained information before coming to a proper conclusion. Find petitions and links on your own time and work to help make a difference.