Online Learning Concerns

Group of students in classroom

Kris Timken/Blend Images

Group of students in classroom

Grant Swanson, Journalist

Group of students in classroom (Kris Timken/Blend Images)

Within this article I will be talking about some concerns that teachers have about online learning and hopefully this article will help you be able to combat these disadvantages. The first worry is that teachers may have to give too much attention to in school learners neglecting online learning students. It is true that teachers may have to give more attention to students that have come to school. However, that will probably only last for the first few days ,so a good way to combat this is to talk to your teacher and try to get ahead within that time frame so that things may not be as confusing. However if that is not possible then simply drop by for tutoring or 9th period I am sure teachers will gladly help you with your problems.

Another concern is that teachers may note be able to teach you as much to the shorter work day. This one is optional however highly suggested, if you feel as if you are not getting as much done take advantage of the extra credit opportunities that come your way or do your own research on the topic in which you are currently learning. However if you feel you have too much  don’t do more than you are able to, it is always better to do the minimum and succeed than overload yourself and fail. 

Throughout this article I have talked mainly about the disadvantages of going back to school so to not put anyone off I would like to talk about my school experience and say some positive things about it. After my first day of in school learning I experienced many benefits that have heavenly out weighed the cons such as a better learning experience. Being in the same classroom as the teacher has given me a much greater understanding of the current educational area we are practicing.

Another great experience of in person learning is no more Google meets problems. It is true that even though we have returned to school we are still learning on our computers. However being able to listen to a teacher in person has proven to be much more beneficial than listening through Google meets leaving no chance to miss out on educational benefits due to technological problems.

Now that you are aware of the cons of in school learning and are better prepared for them, come to school and participate in safe learning environments.