Sputnik V Coming To Mexico

Sputnik V Coming To Mexico

Oscar Serrano-Flores, Journalist

As there are vaccines that are already being used in many countries, many people don’t know about Sputnik V, which is a Russian vaccine that is the first to be administered in Russia. Although this may sound a good thing for Mexico, there are still so many issues to address like Mexico still needs to approve this vaccine and so does the EU. Besides Mexico, many other countries like Argentina, Venezuela, Belarus, the UAE, etc. have gotten this vaccine and is already approved by Mexico to use the vaccine after the doses of vaccines have arrived in Mexico already. Mexico is in a rough spot with COVID like the US, but it is being controlled in some parts of Mexico. Although Mexico hasn’t gotten any other vaccines which is kind of confusing on why they haven’t gotten the other vaccines.

Sputnik V has finally arrived in Mexico with millions of doses so that Mexico can vaccinate as many people as they can with this vaccine because they are in a state of emergency as of Feb. 3 2021 and are already vaccinating people with this vaccine. As of Feb. 2 2021 they have approved the vaccine for emergency use because of how many COVID cases they have right now. Where I live (Guanajuato, Mexico), we are now restricted to go home by 8 pm (7 pm for those who live in Colorado) or they will be fine, something that people in the US have already done last year in April. It is really infected here that the National Guard has come to the Ranch(town) I live in and have also restricted the amount of time you have to go to church. Sputnik V has also been tested to see how powerful it is against COVID which Mexican officials say is 90% or more effective against COVID which is good news for Mexico due to its state of emergency.

The federal government of Mexico is planning to use this vaccine in a 5 stage process which will involve health officials and seniors to take the vaccine first, then those who age from 80 or older, and the other three stages will be those who are younger than 80. Mexico does plan on getting the two vaccines that are in the US, but they have to calculate how many more vaccines they need to buy, and is expensive for them to buy as Moderna and Pfizer work the same. Sputnik V also is a little bit less effective than the Moderna and Pfizer vaccine, but will work the same as these other vaccines without having to take 2 shots. People in Mexico are now trying to take the vaccine they are given to them works and makes sure that they can be immunized for a long period of time. Although there were many other vaccines that have been approved and are ready to use, they are maybe using this vaccine due to not having a worse reaction after taking the vaccine. 

As of now Sputnik V has already been given to many countries like of course Mexico, Argentina, and many more. Ahmed Aguilar Padilla has confirmed taking this vaccine and is also the first Mexican to do so, but he is hoping that this vaccine will work against COVID and wants everyone in Mexico to take this vaccine. Although many people still believe that this vaccine could not make a difference, they would need to find out if it is good and does not have any worse reactions after taking it. This vaccine has also helped to make a plan on how they are going to distribute the vaccine to all of the public, health officials, and the federal government. We may not know if in the US we will have this vaccine, but what we know is that there are 3 vaccines that are 90% or more effective against COVID-19 right now and we hope to see more in the future.