Wondering what stores to shop at?

Janae Martinez, Journalist

Wondering what stores to shop at. That has some cute things well lemme tell you some of my favorite stores  to shop at.

First , there is Q. It’s a store in the malls. It has many different things from makeup, dressy shoes, clothes. My favorite things to buy there  are lip gloss and shirts for the summer because they have some really cute  tops and they are inexpensive. The next store I like is forever 21 They have some really fun clothes. My favorite thing to get here is these tank tops because they are comfortable for sleeping in and just being around the house in. For jeans I like to go to  Hollister or H&M for some cute mom jeans, for ripped jeans I like to go to American Eagle. I know there is covid going on so if you don’t wanna go to the mall or any stores you can also get some really cute clothes on Shien or fashion nova. They have everything like shirts, pants, sandals, rompers, and 2-piece outfits.  

I hope this helps you girls  !