Most Downloaded Mobile Game in 2020

Oscar Serrano-Flores, Journalist

We can all say that 2020 is the worst year ever for most people. Due to COVID-19 many people couldn’t see their friends in-person, so the majority of the time they had to stick in virtual for almost all the year and let’s face it being inside it does get boring at some point. Throughout the year, people have tried to play video games to distract themselves from what is going on in reality.  There have been some games which have been rising in popularity over the year, but then lost popularity over time and people switch to new games. One game has been the most superior in becoming popular during fall and that game has been none other than Among Us.


Among Us has recently been popular in Twitch and now is earning the title as the most downloaded mobile game in 2020. For those of you who don’t know what Among Us is, it is an online multiplayer game that is free to play on mobile and is similar to the game Mafia or Werewolf. The game involves two groups of players, the imposters and the crewmates, in which the crewmates need to finish their tasks to win or just simply vote the imposters out. The crewmates also need to make sure that they fix multiple things that the imposters could sabotage so that they don’t lose the game. However, the imposters have to blend in with the crewmates to make sure they aren’t caught, but they can sabotage various parts of the map to make things easier for them and try to win by killing the crewmates.  


Even though the game came out in 2018 it gained its popularity by some pretty big streamers on Twitch and also Youtubers. When it was first released it started off pretty small; only 20 people played the game at the time, but over time the game grew. Some people didn’t know about the game but it was also released in 2018 on mobile devices for free to play and is the most downloaded game on mobile in 2020. In the US alone there have been over 41 million downloads, but there have been 264 million downloads worldwide. This made the video game developers Inner Sloth cancel Among Us 2 which had a lot of plans ahead, but never saw the day of light. 


Many games like Among Us have been popular during the year, but many people moved on to other games like Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout which was released in August of 2020. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout was the main focus in August due to how it was recently a competitive game in which only one player is the winner, which is really popular with so many games in recent years. It started to gain popularity, until September that’s when Fall Guys gave the crown to Among Us. Although Fall Guys only lasted 1 month raising popularity, there were plenty of other games that have lost popularity quickly during the year of 2020 like Valorant, Animal Crossing, and etc. Even though these games were popular this year, they helped people pass their time while being in lock down due to COVID-19.









Among Us is known in many different titles like most downloaded mobile game (as it says in the title) and most popular game in September of 2020. Although Among Us was the most downloaded mobile game in 2020, it all could come to an end with its popularity and has to give the crown at some point in the future. For now they hold that title until another video game will take the title, but let’s play Among Us for now with 264 million people worldwide on mobile.