Time to Hit the Slopes: Is it Safe? 

Time to Hit the Slopes: Is it Safe? 

Taylor Lehman, Journalist

Time to grab your snow gear and head up to the mountains as ski and snowboarding season is officially in action!  As everyone has been cooped up in a house for almost an entire year, a day or weekend getaway to your favorite resort is exactly the type of break everyone needs.  Mountain time will not only relax your soul and relieve stress, but it will be set in a healthy manner mentally and physically.  Although, just as with all things in this COVID world, it will be different. 

On November 6, ski resorts in areas such as Vail, Keystone, and Breckenridge opened their slopes and plan to close towards the end of April.  In past years, slopes are typically busy and packed with skiers in every direction… how are resorts going to prevent COVID and make it safe?  

Resorts are taking serious precaution to maintain the health of skiers by implementing a list of safe guards.  Face coverings for each guest is required on every location within the mountain.  Social distancing will take place on gondolas and lifts.  People within the same party will stay together on their designated lift whereas strangers or non parties will be placed on single lifts or the opposite sides.  Some restaurants will remain closed whereas ones that are open require transactions to be cashless. 

In addition to the health and safety precautions, Vail resorts will be implementing a reservation system to parties who want a more “exclusive” option.  With this said, tickets will be limited to prevent a mass amount of people.  They will only be sold online, no tickets will be sold at walk up windows to maintain social distancing and limiting the amount of skiers. 

Hopefully, with all of the necessary precautions in place people will be able to get a much needed turn in nature.  It is clear resorts are making safety their top priority, therefore you should too.  If you are healthy, take a break to ease your stress and bring a sense of normality into your life again by hitting the slopes!