January Ski Report


Lily Perkins, Journalist

Ski season is back! The resorts have started to open up, and with that comes many opportunities to ski. However, not everything is open quite yet. Two popular ski destinations are Beaver Creek and Copper Mountain. Both mountains are open and ready to receive skiers.

Nearly everything in Beaver Creek has opened, with the exceptions of Grouse Mountain Lift and the vast majority of runs under the Birds of Prey Lift. A few other runs scattered across the mountain are closed. All of Arrowhead, Bachelor Gulch, Strawberry Park, Elkhorn Lift, and all of the Resort Skiways are completely open. That leaves 22 out of 23 lifts open and 119 out of 152 trails open.

Although now nearly everything is open, the resort still hasn’t gotten too much snow. Over the past week, there has been 3 inches of new snow. Unfortunately, the forecast is not showing any significant amount of snow. The next week is predicted to have weather with highs between 30°F and 46°F and lows between 3°F and 17°F.


  • Upper Beaver Creek
    • Jack Rabbit Alley
  • Lower Beaver Creek
    • Epicmix race course
    • Corkscrew
    • Helmuts
    • Stickline
    • Willy’s Face (Centennial)
    • Heads up
    • 4get about it
    • Addys
    • Golden Eagle Connector
  • Birds of Prey
    • Golden Eagle (upper)
    • Golden Eagle (lower)
    • Goshawk
    • Goshawk connector
    • Kestrel
    • Peregrine (upper)
    • Peregrine (middle)
  • Grouse Mountain
    • All runs
  • Larkspur
    • BC Expressway (lower)
    • Blue Bell
    • Paintbrush
    • Three Tree Gully
  • Rose Bowl
    • Stone Creek Chutes

Copper, being in a similar position to Beaver Creek, has not received much snow lately. Fortunately, Copper is supposed to get some snow this weekend. The forecast is very cold and will bring 0 to 2 inches of snow by Monday. 

Hopefully, the new snow will open some new runs that have been closed all season so far. Currently, every lift except Celebrity Ridge is open. Every run in West Village and Union Peak is open, but most other lifts have many closed runs due to the lack of snow. Overall, the mountain is open and ready to be skied. 120 of 152 trails are open, and there is only 1 lift closed. 


  • Center Village
    • 17 glade
    • Cache Glades
    • Fair Play
    • Looking Glass
    • Lower Enchanted Forest
    • Sail Away Glades
    • Slip Not
    • Ute Overlook
  • East Village
    • Ore Deal
  • Union Peak
    • Celebrity Ridge Lift
  • Spaulding and Resolution
    • Atlantic Cornice
    • Bariloche
    • Lillie G (upper)
    • Lillie G (lower)
    • Lillie G Traverse 
    • Pacific Cornice
    • Spaulding Glades
    • Upper Enchanted Forest
  • Tucker Mountain
    • Boulderado
    • Buffalo Stampede
    • Curecanti
    • Denverite
    • Falcon Alley
    • Ram’s Run
    • The Springs
    • Valentine’s
    • Western Slope
  • Copper Bowl
    • Bradley’s Plunge
    • Golden Crest
    • Iron Mask
    • Julie’s Vision
    • Schaefer’s

Both Beaver Creek and Copper Mountain have similar circumstances at the moment. Both are awaiting new snow, and Copper is expecting some this next week. However, Copper has a very narrow lead regarding total trails open. They only have 120 out of their total 152 runs closed, whereas Beaver Creek has 119 out of their total 152 runs.


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