Brees VS Brady


On Sunday, for the first time ever the #1 quarterback in NFL History and #2 go head to head in the playoffs. It is Drew Brees vs Tom Brady, Saints vs Buccaneers. This year alone they have played twice since they are divisional rivals. This is the first year though that they have been on the same side of the league in the NFC for a playoff game. We all know Tom Brady was with the Patriots for about 20 years winning 6 rings for them and becoming a great. On the other hand Drew Brees has been running the NFC south since he got there winning the division time after time again. His stats are literally insane, the saints  could have won probably at least 2 more rings after their 1st if it wasn’t for referees. You could argue either one is the GOAT honestly. 

Drew Brees in his career holds the NFL records for Passing Yards, TD passes, and completions with Brady being second in all these categories. In my opinion that right there makes him better than Brady. Without Drew Brees being my favorite player ever his numbers make the argument for me. Not only those stats on top of that he has had more 5,000 yard passing seasons than all others combined in NFL history. The only one who has more yards than him in a season is Peyton Manning and he is only 2nd by 1 yard. Only 7 quarterbacks have reached over 5,000 yards once while Brees has done it 5 times. He also has one super bowl ring, which should be 3 if the saints didn’t get robbed 2 years in a row. But in my opinion he is the Greatest of all time.

On Brady’s behalf all I can really say about him is his old coach was a mastermind. Bill Belichick will maybe go down as the best of all time coach. His quarterback before Brady was also a great because he was under Belichick. He literally turned Brady from a 7th round draft pick into this GOAT conversation. So I can say him and Bill have 6 rings together and he is a winner. But that’s the only reason someone can call him a GOAT, like I said before he is literally 2nd in every category and some he isn’t in the conversation at all. That’s all I can really say for Brady, Brees is the #1 here for sure.

Not only is Drew Brees the better quarterback but the saints have played the Bucs twice already this year and the saints won the first game 34-23 which was a pretty good game. But the 2nd time it was much much more ugly as the saints won by a  38-3 score. This game absolutely embarrassed Brady as Brees was dropping the points and dimes Brady couldn’t make one touchdown the entire game. Now I know this was the regular season and the playoffs is a whole different atmosphere so I know we aren’t gonna get another blowout but I am expecting the saints to bring this home and go on and eventually win the super bowl. But that is just a prediction so make sure you tune in Sunday afternoon to watch these 2 greats battle it out.