Black Owned Businesses to Shop for Holiday Gifts


Kennedy Torrez, Journalist

If you weren’t already aware the BLM movement is an ongoing political and social movement advocating for non-violent civil disobedience in protest against incidents of police brutality and overall systemic racism in the police force, plus all motivated violence against black people. While we approach this Holiday season it is important to remember to give back.  Shopping until you drop and getting gifts for friends & family is a fun and easy way you can contribute to the cause by shopping at black owned stores and small businesses. This helps out the BLM community by keeping their small business owners from going out of business. Here is couple different stores you can visit; 

Bee Love 

This online store makes anything from honey to honey infused skincare products. Such as soaps, sugar scrubs, body lotions, ect. Bee love also employs formerly incarcerated individuals to offer them a second chance at establishing a new life & getting a good job. You can also go to their site to donate to help the cause besides shopping there. Bee love has many products currently in the marketplace ranging from low to high value so it is affordable to all customers. To access there store you can go online to !




Cafe con Libros 

This online/in person store is not only a cafe but also a bookstore & a space created particularly for women where they can go to feel safe and welcome. They include book clubs dedicated specifically to women of color and feminist. This store is dedicated to readers as a sanctuary from the rest of the world. You can access there website at



Coco and Breezy 

This online store was created by twin sisters, Corianna & Brianna Dotson. What makes it so unique is the story behind how it was created. Growing up both girls got bullied so much as kids that they wore safety goggles to protect them from onlookers. It created a kind-of alter ego for the girls. In 2009 they decided they wanted to give this to others, so the Coco and Breezy eyewear was created. Their product lineup includes stylish optical eyewear & trendy sunglasses. You can check out there store at !



This store is known for selling statement making dresses. The brand was launched back in 2018, local seamstresses & artists located in Lago, and Nigeria hand create the appearle from natural and biodegradable fabrics. They truly turned their products into art & are dedicated to making their pieces unique. You can access their store at





Ivy’s Tea 

This store is a “hip-hop-inspired” tea company. They take inspiration from African holistic healing and use it to create one of a kind tea blends. They have a wide variety of blends they created and ingredients they use.  Most of their ingredients are rich in flavor such as their antioxidant rich butterfly pea flowers. To access the store you can go to !




What is wonderful about all the stores listed above is they all sell both unique products & a unique history. By shopping there you are supporting not only the BLM community but the history of how the shops were created. Most generic shops don’t have as interesting of a backstory and the product line up is nothing special. The amazing thing about these shops is they are also all online so they are easy to access and don’t have a set time period you need to go and shop at. The experience you get from shopping at these stores is almost also one of a kind, it only makes holiday shopping an even better experience.