Holiday Movie Top Ten

Holiday Movie Top Ten

Eleanor Thorman, Journalist

The holidays are a time for celebration, and with Christmas coming up, what better way to celebrate than planning out which Christmas movies to watch with friends and family. For this list, we’ll go over the best movies that help make the Christmas holiday a little more magical. 

  1. Eloise at Christmastime – 

A nostalgic movie to reminisce about simpler times while also relishing in the holiday spirit. A live action movie about the classic character of Eloise  – a young girl who grows up at the Plaza Hotel in New York city. It is more suitable for reliving childhood memories but can also be an interesting look at a young girl helping her friend find love. It’s an interesting live action movie that helps bring the books to life. 

  1. Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer

The classic story of Rudolf the red nosed reindeer shown in an animated style expands the classic Christmas song into a lighthearted story on how people’s differences are often what allow them to give a much needed perspective on problems. The cute animation style helps to create a more simplistic movie while portraying the “white christmas” aspect of the holiday. 

  1. A Muppet Christmas Carol – 

A retelling of the classic Scrooge through the eyes of the Muppets makes a story about redemption all the more magical. The Muppets version gives a more personal feel to the story because the characters personalities do not veer too far from their other movies persona. Because their movies are inherently laced with humor, it brings a more comical look into the story. 

  1. Polar Express –  

A movie that helps take us back to the last days of school before christmas break with a hot cup of cocoa in hand. The movie centers around a boy who doesn’t believe in Santa, yet finds himself on a train called the Polar Express taking him to the North Pole. The boys faith in Christmas is tested and ultimately prevails in an amazing storytelling that helps capture the true magic to Christmas. 

  1. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation – 

Another classic movie which centers around Clark Griswold and his attempts at creating a proper Christmas for his family. Everything he attempts over the break seems to backfire in hilarious ways, and eventually ends in a wholesome Christmas for the whole family to enjoy. 

  1. A Charlie Brown Christmas –  

The students of Charlie Brown’s school decide to elect him as the director of their Christmas play. After a number of things go wrong, the characters are left at an impasse before Linus, one of Charlie Brown’s friends offers a bridge to help join the characters in Christmas spirit. 

  1. A Christmas Story – 

This movie centers around a boy named Ralphie who experiences a series of events that give a delightful idea to what it was like to be a child in the 1940’s. If you enjoy pink bunny suits, red ryder bb guns and leg shaped lamps, then the movie will likely sit right with you. 

  1. Home Alone – 

Follows a young boy named Kevin who is left alone by his family in the days leading up to Christmas. A battle of wits ensues between him and two robbers who attempt to steal from his house. All of the ingenious ways in which he deters the robbers add a more action packed spin into the Christmas movie genre. 

  1. Elf  – 

A self discovery journey for a man living in the North Pole who mistakenly lived under the guise of believing that he’s been an elf for all of his life, only to discover that he is in fact human. The movie centers around the main character Buddy’s relationship with his estranged father, as he works to bring them closer together. Will Ferrel brings hilarity to the role with the help of copious amounts of maple syrup. 

  1. How the Grinch Stole Christmas –  

A vengeful Grinch leaves his hometown of Whoville and resides on Mount Crumpet, alongside his dog Max. After becoming fed up with the Christmas spirit that inhabits the town, he makes a vow to single handedly destroy Christmas for all of the residents. The movie helps reveal the true meaning of Christmas, not gifts, but a community of joy and gratefulness for what we have.