Ideas & Guidelines for Holiday Fun!


Taylor Lehman, Journalist

The COVID-19 pandemic has been extremely stressful and isolating for society as a whole.   The frustration this pandemic has caused placed many people in society within a sticky situation: physically and financially.  As we wait for the FDA to admit the cure in the US, holiday joy is arising in the air, creating an opportunity for society to reconnect with friends and family!  We take quality time for granted as society has begun to realize these holidays will sadly not be the same.  The normality has turned into the abnormality.

On November 7, 2020 Governor Jared Polis issued a curfew lockdown in order through  December 7, 2020 as he believes we are in a “state of emergency.”  As Polis stated that Denver is in the “red level severity” curfew hours are in place from 10 pm – 5 am until further notice.  With this said, all restaurants are closed for dine in, no indoor activities allowed, gym capacity reductions, and mass gatherings to a limit of 10.  According to Colorado Sun, Governor Polis declared, “if case severity rises one more level, drastic steps will be taken, putting Denver in a city shutdown.”  As Denver is in a strenuous position, holidays seem impossible – but this is wrong!

Depending on your personal status and situation, there are still plenty of ways to celebrate your holidays with friends and family while posing the lowest risk for spread, maintaining good health, and a sense of joy. 

  • Online shopping – Instead of achieving shopping in hectic centers and malls, online shopping provides a cheaper and safer alternative for yourself and others.  However, it is to be recognized that companies such as Amazon will be slower than normal due to the mass amount of users on the daily.  
  • Zoom calls – Creating large calls with extended family and friends also helps reduce the spread of the virus among others; giving you the advantage of avoiding unnecessary COVID testing.  Zoom calls will also provide a sense of closeness as you celebrate your traditions.
  • COVID testing – If you plan to attend an event with your extended family and friends it is a smart idea to take a test for the safety of you and your family.  Negative results should give you the chance to see others.  Although make sure to receive a test once you come back home to make sure you did not retreat the virus from your past steps.
  • Gatherings – Denver has a restriction of 10 people in a gathering.  If you have intentions to attend a larger reunion, it is safer to hold events outdoors or in a vented environment with masks on.
  • Traveling – Thousands of people travel every single day from different states and countries.  As masks provide so much protection, it is smart to bring hand sanitizer and social distance as much as you possibly can.

If you do not plan to visit any extended family and stay within the people amongst your household, there are a few things to bring excitement during the hard times!  Cooking bake offs, game nights, movie nights, trying new recipes, and decorating are only a few of the hundreds of activities you can pursue.