2020 Winter Sports


Lily Perkins, Journalist

With winter sports around the corner, South athletes might not know what to expect from their seasons this year. Although some alterations must be made, South is still planning on having winter sports. The school has already built an entire plan about how to stay safe with the pandemic while sports are taking place. 

The school is currently at the third step of incorporating sports back into daily life. This third stage includes in person practices, no indoor access, extremely limited equipment usage, as well as rigorous health checks and sanitation for anyone partaking in practices. Regarding other regulations put in place, the CHSAA decides the plan for the entire state. That being said, local county health officers and school districts also have a say in the regulations to be put in place. 

CHSAA and DPS have decided that winter sports will take place from January 4th to February 27th. In order to still be able to host every winter sport this year, competition schedules had to be reduced by 30%. Everyone is uncertain about what this season will be and how Covid might affect it, but DPS and CHSAA are hopeful that numbers will lower and there will be an uninterrupted season. In spite of that, the basketball season will look different due to some districts and schools participating and some deciding not to. “The plan is to have all winter sports, the only differences will be how we host those safely and the guidelines each sport will follow to do so.” Adam Kelsey, the athletic director, hopes that the sports seasons this year will be uninterrupted by covid and that students will still be able to participate in them. In order to do that, the maximum team roster sizes will have to be altered. Depending on the sport, the maximum number of participants may vary. 

Covid has had a huge impact on everything and though nothing is for certain, this is what winter sports should look like this year. When asked about how sustainable he thinks the current plan for winter sports will be, Adam Kelsey says “I’m hopeful that we can host sports safely, but those determinations will be made by health experts and we will need to follow the guidance from Denver County and DPS leadership in regard to hosting winter sports.”