Holiday Happenings

Holiday Happenings

Juliana Martinez, Journalist

Although the holidays are going to be difficult this year regarding the pandemic, there are still many ways you can have a fun celebration! There are multiple events going on that as of right now will still be happening for the holidays. A few of these options would be the Mile High Tree, the Grand Illumination, the Parade of Lights, the Trail of Lights, and Zoo Lights!


The Mile High Tree

The Mile High Tree is something a lot of people in Colorado visit every year! It is a fun activity that includes music and being able to go out with family instead of being kept inside. The tree is exactly how it sounds, a huge 110 foot tree made completely out of lights! The lights are constantly changing colors which offer a brilliant show, the music adds to the excitement. Since the tree is made out of lights and is 110 feet tall, you are able to go inside the tree and see it from different angles. The inside is hollow and you would be surrounded by light and music. It is a great place for taking pictures and you do not need a ticket to go! The tree will be up from November 20th- January 16th, located at 16th street mall at Welton Street!


The Grand Illumination

The Grand Illumination is a festive activity for when you aren’t sure what to do. You would be able to be in your car or get out and walk around to view the lights. Denver Union Station to Civic Center Park is lit up with lights to offer families a festive atmosphere. It is an enjoyable event since you are able to see bright colored lights on some of the most beautiful buildings in Denver. If you don’t usually visit downtown, this is a great opportunity to see the beauty it holds! Also, you can be in the comfort of your own car and it offers perfect social distancing from other people who aren’t in your vehicle. This event is a safe way to enjoy the beauty of the holidays while also being able to see the beauty of the city. The lights stay on November 27th through the end of December and you don’t need to purchase a ticket!


The Parade of Lights

The Parade of Lights is one of the biggest celebrations in Denver. If you haven’t been before, then you have definitely heard of it. It is exactly as it sounds, a big parade with millions of lights! People build parade floats and cover them in lights to bring a fun and interactive experience to the people. You are able to remain in one place as you view all the lights pass by you. This year the lights will be displayed in multiple locations across different weeks in Denver Union Station and Denver Pavilions. This offers multiple chances for people to view the lights they love or start new traditions! The lights will be from November 27th- December 31st. 


The Trail of Lights

The Trail of Lights is an event that is fun when you want to get out of the house and take a relaxing walk. The lights are set up all around Denver Botanic Gardens Chatfield Farms. The whole park is covered in beautiful lights that you can get close to or stay on the path and simply admire from afar. You are able to take beautiful pictures of the sights while walking around with family and social distancing from others. Throughout the park, there are food and drink stations that offer things like hot chocolate, along with heating tents if you get too cold that is big enough to social distance in. If you would like to experience this beautiful event, you would need to purchase a ticket to pick a time and date that you would like to attend. This event will be open from November 27th- January 3rd. 


Zoo Lights 

Zoo lights bring a new perspective to the holiday season. It is fun for all ages, especially children who are able to walk around and enjoy the zoo. There are beautiful light fixtures that resemble animals and different colors and lights everywhere. You are able to walk around the entire zoo and take in the beautiful scenery. There are millions of lights over 80 acres of land that you can explore. You don’t have to go through the whole zoo which means this event could take as much time as you would like. This year also marks the 30th anniversary of Zoo lights! It will be a celebration you don’t want to miss! The event will take place from December 4th- December 31st, you will need to purchase tickets. 


All of these events are ways to be safe during the holiday season. They allow social distancing while also being able to have a fun night with family. Most of them are inexpensive or free! Despite the pandemic, people are still able to enjoy the holidays safely. These events will create memories that many won’t forget!