Virtual Book Club

Virtual Book Club

Grant Swanson, Journalist

Greetings to all of you great South students! Today I am going to inform you about how the South book club is meeting virtually so if that doesn’t interest you keep scrolling down. I would like to start by painting the scene of our story. It starts off with your narrator me logging on to google meet hosted by our amazing teacher sponsor Erika Hyzer. Shortly after students come filling in to google meet eager and ready to share their ideas of the wonder book they just read. The conversation will always begin with this simple question “who here was not able to read to the agreed upon action.” And luck for us dear readers everyone is able to answer with an astounding yes for our book is so thrilling that when you pick it up you can’t put it down. 

Now in this humble club, students are required to collect the book on their own (I personally was able to get the book online from a local bookstore called the bookies located at 4315 E Mississippi Ave, Denver, CO 80246 I urge you to check them out it is a great story.) but what is this book that i have been talking about so fondly, The name of this masterpiece is called crimson bound written by Rosamund Hodge if you haven’t read it I encourage you to.

 I personally have not attended an in person club before so I do not know if it would be better in person however I can tell you that the leader of the book club has done a wonderful job of making the meetings interesting for the members and makes everyone feel like we are talking in the same room.

 Finally if reading is also your passion as it is the passion of the group I encourage you to join the book club today Just make sure you have the book and talk to Ms Hyzer to express your interest.