Halloween 2020


Lily Perkins, Journalist

This Halloween is a very controversial one due to Covid-19. Everyone has a different opinion about Halloween and how Covid has affected their plans. A senior at DU, Carlin Reilly has spoken about her plans for this halloween regarding the pandemic. She would have met up with her friends and had a party, but Covid cancelled those plans. She is disappointed that holidays this year will not be quite the same. “I think holidays are important to people in general because they give us something to look forward to and have some fun in our lives,” she said.

Another perspective is that of Josie Graves, a senior at South. “Halloween can still happen, but just like everything else in 2020, there just has to be a few tweaks to keep us safe and responsible.”

Although we might not be able to celebrate Halloween in a traditional way this year, there is still lots we can do. Halloween might have to look a little different this year, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be just as fun. There are plenty of things that you can do from the safety of your home while still having a memorable Halloween.

But what Halloween-themed things can you do in your house? There are plenty of options! For example, you can research the origin of Halloween. Halloween has Christian and Celtic origins. According to the Business Insider, Trick-or-Treating comes from a unique tradition.  On the night before All Saints Day, (Halloween) people would go to the houses of the rich and beg for a type of cake called soul-cakes. In exchange for the cakes, they would pray for the people who gave them out. You can research and learn all about the origins of Halloween, and then tell your friends and family all about what you learned. 

Paper decorations

Another fun thing to do is decorate. All you need are paper, markers, tape, and scissors. You can make all sorts of fun paper decorations, like ghosts and confetti and hanging paper spiders! This is a craft that is very simple and easy, as well as lots of fun!

Bake Halloween-themed treats

Do you like to bake? If so, then you have the perfect activity for Halloween! You can have a blast with your family baking Halloween-themed treats such as Halloween cookies, rice krispies, or even cupcakes. You can add a few simple touches to the basic recipes, like colored frosting or sprinkles, to have more Halloween-feeling treats.

Boo baskets!

Boo baskets are a great way to have a traditional-feeling Halloween while still staying safe. A boo basket is similar to May Day Baskets. You take a box or basket, fill it with fun things for someone to enjoy, and leave it on their doorstep before ringing the doorbell and leaving. Some things to put in your boo basket are candies, little decorations, and fun confetti. A boo basket is a fun thing to do while still being mindful of your health and safety.

Trunk or Treat

If you want to participate in a Halloween activity at South, come to the Trunk or Treat on October 31st from 11 to 2pm. It is taking place in the South Parking lot. In order to participate, you must fill out the form as well as wear a mask and gloves and make sure to practice social distancing. Prizes are given to those with the most creative way of distributing candy.

Even though this year might not be the traditional Halloween we all know and love, that doesn’t mean we can’t have a fun-filled day. This year gives us a great opportunity to try new things, make new memories, and have an unforgettably unique Halloween.