Uighur Muslims Opressed in China

Uighur Muslims Opressed in China

Hanan Negash

Since 2017 China has been keeping millions of Uighur Muslims in a daunting concentration camp.

Who are the Uighurs? They are a ethic group who most of the population occupies Muslim believers. Majority live in Xinjiang which has a population of 11 Million people. The Uighurs are also found in many other communities like Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan, and many more. They have their own language that’s also called Uigur.

 The Uighurs had a completely different culture which ruined Chinese scheme which made the Chinese government mad.  Even though the Uighurs did have independence in the 20th century, now the Chinese government has full control after the region was bought in 1949.

The Chinese government is scared that the Uighars would want to form their own independent nation like they have before. They were afraid because Xinjiang is the most important land China has; it’s where the original silk road is that connects China with the rest of the world and it has natural resources that people would desperately need such as oil with this much resources China could boost their economic and political influence around the world. 

In 2017  The Chinese government cracked down on Uighurs in Xinjiang. They enforced high security; they set up cameras, checkpoints, and constant police patrols in Uighur-dominated areas. The Chinese communist party detained between one to three million uighurs in the ‘re-education camps’ and forced them to undergo psychological indoctrination programs. Even though the chinese government claims it is just a ‘re -education camp’ they’ve used waterboarding and other forms of torture, including sexual abuse, as part of the indoctrination process.  “It broke my heart i thought it was a lie but its very sad knowing that more muslims are dying and being tortured in these concentration camps compared to the holocaust” Fahamo Ali, a south high school student, sobbed. The Uighurs kept in the concentration camp are also being used for cheap labor. Forcing them to make clothes and other products for sale both in china and other countries. Chinese authorities have also subjected Uighur women, forcing them to take birth control or have abortions and if they resist they will be put into the camps. Chinese government completely cut off their contacts with everyone outside and if they try to reach out for help the consequences would be brutal. This is still happening now!

Use your voice, Sign petitions, Spread awareness on your social media. History is repeating itself and no one is doing anything about it. Innocent people are being killed and tortured because of their beliefs. “People need to start protesting and spreading awareness because this should be stopped immediately!” Hafsah Hussien, south high school student, said. Don’t underestimate the power of your voice.