Opinions about Remote Learning

Janae Martinez, Journalist

In my article you will read how much challenges were faced such like how hard it was to deal with calls lagging , wifi being slow, not being able to focus while doing remote learning (online school) during the 2020 pandemic. 

Online schooling has affected many students in different ways:                                                                                                           

 I interviewed Gabriella Martinez, and 11th grader at GALS high school, who commented that ‘’ remote learning made me realize how important it is to do school face to face with my teachers and classmates. When all students have their camera off it’s hard to see who’s actually there, and who isn’t. It’s also hard to see my classmates facial expressions while a question is being asked . While doing group work it’s harder to communicate with the group and people could be interrupted easier. There are also more distractions.” She also said, ‘’ Me personally I would go back to in person because it’s easier for me to see what I am learning and there are less distractions; I’ll also be able to interact with students. For me remote learning is very hard — there is always tech issues and wifi lagging. I’m also less motivated to do my school work since I’m at home and there is no one really to keep me on track. I have been able to keep my grades up even though I procrastinate.”       

Remote learning has an effect for parents too; for kids younger because they had to help their kids get on the calls also they had to make sure they were fed at lunchtime and someone was able to look after them while getting work of their own done. I spoke to my mom and asked her how she felt about remote learning. She stated that, “ I don’t like it and it’s better to be able to  go in person.”  So that she knows that my younger sister is getting the help  she needs at the school from the teachers. 

It was hard and me personally because you had to deal with the calls lagging , the internet being slow or not working. In my overall opinion doing school remotely is hard because doing it from home makes it feel optional when I know it’s not and needs to get done.