Online Learning Tips


Bailey Langhans, Journalist

With online school it’s hard to be motivated and keep track of your work. Luckly, there are simple ways to stay productive and get all everything done. 

Make a Schedule

With virtual learning, you have to hold yourself accountable for your work. The best way to make sure that you get it all done is to make a plan. Write a list of what you need to accomplish each day to have everything done by the end of the week. Try to avoid distractions and keep to your schedule. It might also be helpful to write down when all your teachers are available for office hours so that you know when to go to a meeting or how to seek help.

Have a Good Learning Environment

It can be hard to simply sit down and focus, so you want to work in a productive environment. Instead of sitting in your bed, try working at a desk. It is also important to keep your desk clean and free of distractions. Put your phone far away from you and turn it off and move anything else that would keep you from beginning productive. Have water and anything else that you might need ready at your desk so that you are less likely to leave to get something.

Take Breaks

It is good to give your mind a break from learning so when you come back, you can be focused. It’s also a helpful way to be motivated. You can set a goal for yourself to finish an assignment. Once you are done, you can reward yourself with 5-10 minutes of reading or a quick walk/stretch. If you are motivating yourself, make sure that you don’t rush through the work. If you find yourself rushing then set an amount of time that you must be working instead.

Stay Healthy

If you want to focus on learning then you need to make sure you are eating enough food and getting enough sleep. If you arn’t getting enough food or sleep then it will be hard to stay productive towards your goals. It’s important to get exercise too. Even though gyms are closed, you can still keep up a workout routine at home and go for a run or bike ride. This is also a beneficial use of breaks from learning.

Use Your Resources

Even though you are not at school, your teachers are there to help you. Learn where and when you can reach them, and they can help you with an assignment. Try to avoid asking friends for help unless you know that you will be productive. You can easily get distracted with friends and you might not get the help that you need.