Life After Covid


Catalina Kerwin, Journalist

Recently the Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically changed life on a global scale. When social distancing is no longer required, students return to school and people return to work; societal systems that we depended on everyday will no longer be the same.

I asked my family how they think life will forever change once quarantine is over. My brother stated, ¨People are going to more cautious of hygiene. Masks could become a fashion trend.¨ He laughed commenting on how much a Gucci mask might cost. On a serious note he also said ¨I also think people will not take for granted being with friends and going out.¨ I could tell he missed his friends, we all do. My dad was next to speak up taking a serious and political perspective ¨I think anti-science people will lose their seat at the grown ups table. I hope there will be a commitment to health equality and environmental protection.¨ I agree with my dad. The climate is thriving right now, which is a silver lining of the tragedy of our collective suffering. My mom felt that  “people and corporations will be more accepting of working from home and having virtual meetings.¨ She laughed as she said ¨The days of the buffets are done.¨. 

The majority of articles I read stated that working from home will be the new normal, we will be more cautious of hygiene as we gather and staying connected virtually will be more  common and accepted. An article from Fast Company titled ¨How Will Coronavirus Change our Lives¨ stated, ¨I think Zoom has crossed the rubicon from “corporate” to “consumer” as everyone in my family age 5-75 now knows how to use it.¨ My family like many others has been using Zoom daily. Zoom has allowed my grandparents and young cousins and my brother to play virtual bridge with our grandma nearly every day, and my dad to meet with his college classes. Zoom has kept society together while social distancing and being forced to spend time at home.  

My family never mentioned the potential ways Corona virus could transform mental health care and how school could change when students return. An article titled ¨How Will Coronavirus Change our Lives¨ speculated about the increased focus and acceptance surrounding mental health. The article written from Fast Company states ¨There will be a monumental shift in attitudes toward mental health. Society, having experienced this collective trauma and grief, will develop new levels of empathy and a willingness to talk about mental healthcare as an essential part of healthcare.¨ I hope mental health loses its stigma and becomes an essential part of healthcareAs my generation enters the work force, my friends wonder what the economy will look like and what working will be like. From the articles I read working from home will be normal in addition to using technology to connect people globally. Work hours will become more flexible. In addition to the exciting prospect of nationwide healthcare coverage through peoples jobs. An article from BBC says ¨There will be more employee-friendly companies, evening hours will ultimately revert to family or personal time, as they should. This won’t happen automatically; a change in mindset and process is required.¨ The mindset surrounding work-life balance could change for the better. The way that school is taught has changed dramatically because of the pandemic. An article from Fast Company states ¨Although teachers will always be integral to the education process, there will need to be continued flexibility and agility when it comes to things like the delivery of content, testing, and grading. I expect that we will see an increase in blended learning environments that include learning in both the physical classroom setting and online.¨ I find this very interesting and exciting. I miss school and have speculated how technology will be integrated more or less moving forward as South High School returns to school. I think just as work hours will become more flexible and working from home will be acceptable school will change. I would like to see school hours becoming more flexible with the opportunity to learn from home and lessons in school utilizing new technologies online. Teachers will always be an important part of learning and I have learned the power of being in a school building. I think what learning and teaching looks like will change post Covid. 

We have no idea how life will ultimately change after this pandemic ends. I personally think the way we socialize, go to work and gather will change even if its just in the mindset of people. I hope this pandemic changes our healthcare system and the how people in power protect the environment. I hope this leads to a greater focus and acceptance surrounding mental health. We all miss our friends and normalcy. When a vaccine is created or herd immunity is proven as my brother said ¨It will be the biggest party the world has ever seen.¨ 

I am antsy to get back to ´normal´ (whatever that means) but for now I am staying home.