South Student Bathrooms Close Due to Vandalism


Catalina Kerwin, Journalist

The small bathrooms down the hall from the main bathrooms were recently closed a little over a month ago. Many students are surprised and frustrated with the closure because of the obvious inconvenience and the lack of information about the closure. I wanted to talk to a dean about the decision to fully understand the closure.  Mr. Valdez was very kind to talk to me about the recent closure. First I asked him my burning question, why were the bathrooms closed? As I suspected the bathrooms were closed because of vandalism and graffiti which has been an ongoing issue in all bathrooms. Deans hoped that by closing the small bathrooms they could monitor the situation more closely and hopefully identify those most responsible. Mr. Valdez assured me “The bathrooms will be reopened when the issue is resolved. We don’t want this to be permanent.” The closure of the the bathrooms  “was not punitive but rather a way to monitor the situation and hopefully find the people responsible for the vandalism.” The Deans understand students frustrations and “we know its an inconvenience.” 

Mr. Valdez’s final message for South students is very important to remember; he said “We appreciate the cooperation from students with the temporary closure. We need help to keep our school clean. We should have so much pride for the beauty that is Denver South.” After talking to Mr. Valdez I understand why the small bathrooms were temporarily closed. The bathrooms are still closed and will continue to be until the issue is resolved. South is a beautiful school and I have so much pride going here.