South February Art Features: Norah Mish Flanagan, Alexis Ramirez, and Tristan Querard


Grace McClung and Nina Dorighi, Journalists

South students shared their art with The Gargoyle and gave their thoughts about what art means to them. Here are our top three picks for February:





Black and white print by junior, Norah Mish-Flanagan





In her black and white print, junior Norah Mish Flanagan says she wants “people from all different backgrounds to look at my art and be able to connect with it, I think it’s important for everyone to be represented in art, government, fashion, etc.” She has been doing art for four years and when asked about the importance of art in her life she says, ““Art means a lot to me because it is my form of expression and how I deal with my everyday stress and anxiety. I also use it to challenge certain societal norms and form awareness for certain movements.”










Alexis Ramirez, digital media

Sophomore Alexis Ramirez explains that making her digital media and traditional art piece is “a fun creative way for me to express my ideas and feelings. There’s no boundaries to art; you can choose what you want and how you want it to look which opens up a door to many possibilities. She has done digital art in a class for 1 year but has been drawing as a hobby with mixed media for 10 years. “I never have a set takeaway for my pieces,” she says about her submission. “There is no deep meaning behind it and sometimes some things don’t need a deeper meaning and can just be for fun.”





Tristan Querard, a junior, has been writing since 5th grade. To him, art is an outlet:“It’s definitely a way to express emotions.” What people take away from his art and poetry, he says, is “up to them.”  


The Risk of Cyanide

It’s the trees,

the forest,

the life and the death.

It’s the Earth we molest

after promises to caress.

It’s the lush.

The lush we



that we crush to dust.

It’s the lush that we


and silence,

no longer the lusher

after into darkness

we usher.

Why can’t we change?


Are we so weak?

A sinful breed,

a species of greed.



Reports of murder.

We cannot progress any further.

No more bravery.

No it’s all




The hollow mistakes of a nation,

under god,

under a fog.

An infinite loop,

a time lapse.


Or maybe just a wiretap



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