Aliens Among Us

Aliens Among Us

Dean Mauck, Luke Matta, and Dominic McGath, Journalists

Even since ancient times aliens have always been a mind boggling topic for mankind. According to the earliest sighting of a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) was on March 1st 1639 by a man named John Winthrop. Winthrop states that he a “totally sober man” saw “a great light in the sky and when it stood still it flamed up”. Ever since there has been even more sightings all around the world by numerous people.

Furthermore, with the media playing a role in how we perceive aliens it has set off many conspiracies about them. For example we can look at the rather famous Area 51, a government Air base in Lincoln County, Nevada. Not many people know what’s inside of there because it only gains access to government officials and people of high ranking who work there. Because many are not let in people have started to wonder “What’s so special that’s in there that they are hiding from us”. Starting the major phenomenon that aliens are being held captive there and have been there for longer than we know. Looking further than just what we have seen and heard about aliens on earth there is always the unsolvable question that many astronomers and scientists have yet to figure out: Are we alone in the universe. In this article we will give compelling evidence that no we aren’t alone in the universe and why. 

If we take a look at space as a whole it is just far too big to wrap our minds around suggesting that it is expanding everyday. But the Milky Way, the galaxy that earth is in, alone is roughly 105,700 light years wide. Light years are the astronomical distance that it takes light to travel for in one year. And that’s just our galaxy. Other galaxies in the universe like the Andromeda galaxy and the Tadpole galaxy are more or less than 2 million light years away. So thinking logically we can’t be the only living life forms to roam the universe. 

Keeping that in mind a company by the name of S.E.T.I (Search for Extraterrestrial Life) started to use large satellite dishes in 1984 that pick up electromagnetic signals transmissions from outer space that they think could be life forms on other planets. They have yet to receive any transmissions but that doesn’t stop them. According to NBC news SETI is currently working on a network of about 500 to 1,000 dishes to get more of a chance to really know if there is life out there. 


All the while many may know NASA, The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, and the many missions to other planets to find evidence of life and how the planet works. But did you know that on April 3rd 2014 NASA found evidence of an underground ocean on Enceladus one of Saturn’s 62 moons. This is significant because based off of what we understand living organisms don’t survive without water and for this huge water source to be present is very exciting. Adding on to that according to History.Com NASA’s Kepler SpaceCraft, a telescope that is used to take pictures and observe the universe, discovered a Exoplanet 11 light years away from earth called K2-18b with a hydrogen rich atmosphere and as seen in the pictures taken by the telescope has water vapor in the atmosphere. Thinking like a NASA scientist it would possibly be a place for mankind to inhabit if all goes south on earth. But thinking in my perspective it would also be a place where extraterrestrial life thrives due to the hydrogen atmosphere and water vapor. 

 There has always been a controversy about if aliens are real or not, we decided to ask around our school and see what people think about aliens, if they think they’re real or not how far they think they’ll be, if they think the aliens or more intelligent than us, etc. Some responses we got from asking a south students if they think aliens are real or not are “Yes, because we don’t know how big space is and the possibility of us being alone is 1 out of a quadrillion.” we also asked how far they think aliens are which they replied with “pretty far, because the universe never stops.” Next we asked this person if they think the government is hiding aliens from us? and they said “no I don’t think they are” the last question we asked was do you think they would be more or less intelligent than us and why? They replied with “yes, because you always see the UFO conspiracy theories about how aliens are everywhere so yes I do think they are.”