Advisement Needs Improvements


Bailey Langhans, Journalist

Every Thursday South students go to Semair for an hour, but is this a good use of that time? Many South students around the school have different opinions about whether they enjoy this class. The people who said they enjoy this class like it because it provides a break where they can hang out with friends and sometimes complete homework. One student stated, I like that you spend a lot of time with these people for four years and build bonds, and it’s a nice break from all of the work in classes to watch the rebel report and such.” On the other hand, students who don’t enjoy it say that it is useless, boring, wastes time and that everyone ditches anyways. Multiple students said that the class is not useful until you are a senior. Another student stated, “I don’t think it is really a beneficial use of time and it doesn’t really do anything for me other than let me do homework sometimes.” With these opinions, it might be time to change what we do in Seminar. 

One suggestion on how Seminar can be improved is to let students go to other classes and have tutoring time. This would allow students to improve their grades and seek help at a more convenient time since people are not always available at lunch and many students have sports or jobs after school. This would not have to be done every week in Seminar but it might be a good opportunity to have every few weeks or once a month.

Many students would also like optional SAT practice. This could allow students to better prepare for the SAT so that they can improve their scores. Additionally, students would still have to do the ICAP since it is a requirement, but many students expressed that these lessons should be shorter. Multiple people also said that some Seminar lessons they teach are useless and should be removed like the Toxic Friends lesson. Students said that they already knew how to know who is a toxic friend and that some of the advice was actually wrong and not helpful.

Even though students can sometimes get a chance to do homework in the class, most people wanted to use that time for more studying and work. Numerous people would rather get work done for their classes then do the assigned lesson in Seminar. This allows them to be more prepared for the classes and have a chance to do them if they don’t have time later.

Another idea that was expressed by students was to get more college help to prepare students for their futures and life after high school. Teachers could help students look at different colleges and find the best course of action to apply. Another idea to help with this is too get more guest speakers from specific careers to teach about what they know and how they got there.

Overall most students want to change Seminar. To make sure that it is a class that is useful to students futures we must join together to share ideas and make a change.