Courtesy of The San Diego Tribune, Tom Hanks prior to heading into the awards.

Moments with the Most Magnitude: Golden Globes 2020

This year’s Golden Globe Awards wasn’t all frills and fashion. The initial tone was far from comedic, as host, Ricky Gervais introduced the night by expressing his relief that this would be his last time center stage. However, the event featured many gripping moments and captivating political statements that were sure to jerk a tear from anyone’s eye.

Tom Hanks, a previous winner of five golden globes, received one of the most prestigious accolades, the Cecille B. Demille award. This award, given to those who have created exceptional impacts within the world of entertainment, which, without a doubt, have been exhibited in Tom’s countless roles. During the awards, a montage of many of his iconic moments, from running across the United States as Forest Gump to playing the voice of Woody in Toy Story, was displayed on the screen, touching the hearts of many.  While this captivating introduction struck a chord, Tom royally commanded the presence of the room when he told the tale of his journey and lessons he has picked up along the way. The basis of his speech surrounded what Hanks believes to be the rule of thumb in order to perform to the best of your ability: punctuality, preparedness for any role, and keeping a head full of ideas.  As he closed his statement, referencing a saying that people used when movies were shot on film, “that you cannot move on to the next scene until the gate was good. The film went through the shutter and then went through the gate and sometimes a piece of a film would fall off or a speck of dust would be there on the negative and the shot was would be ruined. If the gate was good, you move on.” With this, we recognize how significant the little things actually are.

Another distinguishable award of the night, The Carol Burnette Award, went to show host, comedian, and influencer, Ellen Degeneres. This award is given to those who have had a reputable career on and off the television.  Ellen has been the host of her show since 2003 and previous to that starred on an American sitcom. She quickly grew to be one of America’s favorites; however, throughout her career, identifying as a lesbian woman had prompted unnecessary criticism.

A fellow entertainer and friend of Ellen’s, Kate McKinnon presented her with the award as well as expressed her admiration towards Ellen. McKinnon, another member of the LGBTQ community, accredits part of her sense of belonging within the industry to Ellen, stating: “The only thing that made being gay less scary was seeing Ellen on T.V.”, After Ellen received her award she noted that she was very grateful for a platform where she could be entirely herself.

Amidst the theme of women empowerment, winner of the best actress award in a limited series, Michelle Williams, had some important wisdom to impart. She advised women of ages “18 to 118” to cast their votes out of their own self-interest. Explaining that our politics have been built by men, Michelle emphasizes that we need to use our choice to build a representation that looks more like us.

It wasn’t the literal awards handed out that made the night noteworthy. It was the platform given to highly influential people to speak about matters relevant in today’s society. Without going into specifics, it is apparent that at this point in time, we exist with heavy political baggage. It is the words given to us and listened to by 18.3 million people worldwide, that have the ability to inspire and bring us together amongst the chaos in today’s world.

Overall, each speech includes keys to creating lasting success. Michelle touched on how voting and choosing for yourself is both an act of bravery and a means to form a more diverse politics and structures. While Hank, on the other hand, touched on the notion that there are small things you can do for yourself that will allow the most success when approaching any task. The idea here is that those small scale efforts, which may not appear as crucial, do indeed manifest larger-scale changes.