The Rise of Skywalker: A Disappointing End to an Age Old Tale


Catherine Yow, Journalist

Warning – Spoilers

Star Wars. A 42 year old beloved saga came to an end last month; a movie meant to answer all the questions fans have had for decades, gave us more questions than ever before.

The opening crawl begins with, “The dead speak”, an extremely unconventional way to begin a Star Wars movie; as they usually only state the war, the sides, and the locations. This crawl set up the mode of the movie, and for some reason described the first five minutes of the movie to the audience. Why they decided to tell us what was going to happen, and then washed five minutes of screen time showing us, is beyond me. Than, Kylo Ren goes to see Palpetine, a character who was presumed dead, until he came back to life off screen. Though the idea that Palpetine was in control of all the “evil influences” on Kylos life was intriguing, it would have been much more believable if we saw him come back to life, instead of watching a ten minute chasing sequence. Now I love team building sequences as much as the next movie watcher, but in such a climatic film such as this one, there’s just too much ground to cover that was wasted on showing group dynamics, something that could have been done during the past two films. 

Throughout the film, the audience is supposed to be on the edge of their seats wondering whether or not Rey is going to turn to the darkside, as the first time we see her, she drops a tree on BB-8 in a fit of rage. This, though an intriguing premise, the dark side has always tried to tempt Jedi, so this isn’t anything new. If Abrams gave us a better reason (besides a “vision”) that Rey would go to the dark side, it would have been much more believable. 

From the start of the film, the resistance is being helped out by a spy from the dark side, the spy being one of the most important characters in the trilogy. However, he is killed halfway through the film with no further talk about his death. The Rise of Skywalker does this a lot, one other example being C-3PO. He holds private information that can only be retrieved if he were to be rebooted. C-3PO is one of the characters who has been with us since the beginning, way back to the very first film. However, when the idea of erasing his memory, and essentially killing him, is presented, the main characters barley give it a thought before deciding to do it. There are so many deaths in this movie that don’t add to the plot, and don’t get me started on the fake out deaths.

And now for the racist rhetoric. Star wars fans were so excited to see that a hispanic man was cast as Poe, a lead in the new trilogy. However, Star Wars lost their “woke” status the moment they made one of the only hispanic characters in Star Wars a drug dealer. Indeed the scene we found out he was a “spice runner” was funny, the fact that he was a drug dealer added nothing to the story. Poe even had his own backstory that was incredibly important to his character in the Star Wars books. His parents were both in the resistance and fought for peace, which is why Poe is so loyal to the resistance and so close to General Leia. They completely destroyed an important part of Poe’s character for one funny scene.

The end of the movie was really where the true amount of lazy-writing shone through. After killing Ben-Solo less than ten minutes after his redemption because they didn’t want to deal with maneuvering new relationships, I knew all hope was lost for the film. Now I can go on and on about the ending, but the biggest disappointment came from the last two words spoken in the film, “Rey Skywalker”

Star Wars is a classic series that is loved by thousands, and enjoyed by all generations. The Rise of Skywalker, though filled with plot holes and unanswered questions, was still an enjoyable movie. If all you want out of the movie is simply entertainment, than I would see it, however if you are a die-hard Star Wars nerd, you will probably hate it just as much as I do. And after all, no one hates Star Wars more than Star Wars fans.