The Best Places to Eat in Denver


Kennedy Torrez, Journalist

Cafe Rio
610 S Colorado Blvd , Denver, CO 80246 , +1 (720) 389-3400
Cafe Rio is a casual fast food restaurant. The restaurant is a Mexican grill and mainly serves food with tortilla. One thing special about the restaurant is the drinks they serve: including horchata, Mint Limeade, Light strawberry lemonade, and Blood Orange Ginger Lemonade. All these drinks are freshly made and the lemonades are hand squeezed. The food at Cafe Rio is all freshly grilled and prepared. They have many dishes, such as quesadillas, tostada, nachos, various versions of chips and salsa, and tortilla soup. You are able to choose the meat you would like to add to the dishes along with any toppings. They also have a wide variety of hot sauces for you to choose if your into spicy foods. My personal favorite dish there would have to be the Barbacoa Quesadilla topped with guacamole, sour cream, salsa, and iguana gold hot sauce. The barbacoa meat has a sweet taste and when you mix it with the hot sauce it really makes the stand out and the fresh toppings added makes it taste really good and reminds me of summer time. Cafe Rio also sells a range of amazing desserts, including; Fresh Lime Pie, Tres Leches. Cafe Rio also has a website where you can go to and order food from if you feel like staying in and eating.

1890 E Evens Ave , Denver, Co 80210, +1 ( 303) 777-8828
Jerusalem’s Restaurant is a casual fast food place located by Denver University. It serves Middle Eastern Cuisine and is known for its amazing desserts. It has multiple dishes you can choose off the menu and even vegetarian options. It also has a catering option, free wifi and outdoor seating. It’s open from most days from 8:00 am until 4:00pm but sometimes says open longer. There deserts range from breakfast – dinner. It’s a great place to go if you want a pastry with you coffee or if you have a sweet tooth. There deserts include; Baklava, Lady Fingers, Bird’s Nest, Chocolate Bird’s Nest, Graybah, Kulge, Lamya, Mamool, Butter Cookies, Chocolate Cake, Jalebi Funnel Cake, Nammoura, and Cream Horn Cannoli. My personal favorite dessert they offer is the Baklava. Its diamond shaped fillo dough filled with cinnamon, sugar, honey and walnuts. It’s topped off with crushed pistachios and rose water syrup. It has a really rich flavor and is super sweet. It is a bit small but the size for this dessert is perfect because it’s so sweet. Jerusalem’s also has really amazing dishes, most of which are filled with beef, lamb, or chicken. They also have a website online you can order takeout from.