Kevin Gates “I’m Him” Album Review


Dominic McGath, Journalist

Baton Rouge rapper Kevin Gates released his new album “I’m Him” September 27, 2019. Although a lot of different music has been made by Gates, this is only his Sophomore album following up his biggest so far, “Islah.” The commonly used “I’m Him” phrase used many different times in past and previous music by Gates connects deeply to his religious beliefs. This album shows the many different sides, emotions, and thoughts by the hip-hop sensation. Gates describes things from his wild past while connecting it all with the more soft and loving part of him. 

The first song dropped on this album was “Push It,” witch was put out on June 28. “Push it”, is a song that Gates says is very meaningful. The “Push it” motto is the idea that anyone and everyone should push through all obstacles and aspects of life, as the song goes, “Took a lot of losses, had to bounce back. . . Came back strong, had to bounce back.” Gates let the song draw attention to the album as the album’s first preview. A long month later Gates dropped another song on the album “Facts.” The song drew in even more people towards the album. Lyrics as, “I’m a big speaker, you know I’m the reverend / Preach to the streets and we got it for cheap / All this ice in my teeth and I gold the bezel / I’m statin’ them facts” went back to more of the aggressive side of Kevin. The album was long awaited by many loyal Gates fans. Now that it’s finally here, “I’m Him” is a feature and collab-free album that is strictly only Gates with his thoughts and feelings. This isn’t the only time Gates has done this, there are many different project dropped that had no features that are still pretty successful to this day. 

Gates is well known as a person who has a lot of aggression in him with little amounts of emotion, but this album proves those who think that wrong. Gates shows strong and lots of emotions on the song “Better For You” which is a letter to his first daughter. The song says,” I love to see you smile, bae, it kills me when you cry / I wish I could hide you from the world but I know I / Can’t stop none of this pain you ’bout to feel ’cause I’m not God/ Bae, I wish I could be better for you, better for you” The message through the song is that Gates wishes he could become more than human and be good enough to fulfill his love for his daughter. Another song that shows huge amounts of emotion is “Fly Again”, a song dedicated to his wife and the mother of his kids. The song states, “For I believe in our love / And one day maybe in this eternity or another / You’ll see yourself for what I know you to be / A queen / If you ever need me for anything, this line never changes / Such is my love for you / For you are me, and I am you / I’m in love with you” The song clearly shows the amount of love and affection for the love of his life.

Although Gates shows strong emotion, there are also some of the old school aggressive and fast paced pieces on the album.  In the songs “RBS Intro” and “What I like” give the old vibes of the aggressiveness that put Gates on the map. Those aren’t the only moods in the album: there are vibes from betrayal to loyalty, and happiness to heartbreak. Gates also brings out the consistent flirtatious energy. The album has the perfect song for whatever mood you are in. All the different emotions in each song are all puzzle pieces for the well put together album of “I’m Him”.