“Knives Out” Review


Catalina Kerwin, Journalist

“The family is truly desperate. And when people get desperate, the knives come out.” Benoit Blanc, a detective on the case. Knives Out is an entertaining and energetic twist on an Agatha Christies’ murder mystery. Harlan, the grandfather, dramatically dies in his attic study of his old, maze like house. At first it looks like and open and shut suicide but could one of his family members, a bunch of narcissistic self made over achievers, slit his throat?  Knives Out was thrilling at times and predictable in the end. There are enough hints sprinkled throughout leaving you guessing as characters enter and exit. 


On the characters, there are a lot making it confusing but keeping the suspense. Only two of them really matter. Benoit is a detective hired by an anonymous source. He is a bad detective adding some humor. The reason he was hired in the first place is an important clue for the ending. Marta is the kind-hearted, would never hurt a fly nurse of Harlem, the grandfather. Her story is darker then her loving presence lets on. Marta story hints to an important conversation about immigration dynamics in the United States. The movie has a few plot holes that are not important so I will spare you the details. I found it hard to follow at times but to be honest I had surgery a few days prior and was still dopey. The plot twist was predictable. My initial guess for the ending was half right despite the predictability the ending was thrilling. Fans of mystery and thriller will love Knives Out. Knives out was an entertaining who done it and a perfect way to spend a few hours.