Hydrate or Diedrate

Hydrate or Diedrate

Dean Mauck, Luke Matta, and Dominic McGath, Journalists

Water, we all know it; in fact Our bodies are 60% water. As obvious as it may seem, water has many benefits both mentally and physically. But I have a question for you. How much water do you think the average teen should drink in a day? According to webmd.com it is 6 to 8 cups a day. Especially living in such a high altitude state like Colorado, water plays a huge role in how you function and survive the day. My fellow journalist and friend Dominic says that he drinks seven 16.9 ounce bottles of water a day, and there is never a day you won’t catch him without a water bottle so he is always well hydrated and ready to tackle the day. But we wanted to see if our fellow students and teachers were as good about drinking water as Dom. By the end of this article we hope to convince you to go take a big swig of water and become more grateful for the great resource we are so lucky to have. 

Water may be a thing that you use everyday, but actually many places in the world are in the middle of water crisis. Even in our own backyard of America. According to weather.com, the nine states that are in severe drought include California, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Arizona, Idaho, Washington state, New Mexico, and South Dakota. With California having 93.91 of the state in severe drought they have taken extreme precautions. When going to a restaurant they serve water only when you order it and farmers are starting to sell their water for $700 per acre. This is very pressing because people need water for a lot of things but they don’t have it. Meanwhile some places in the world don’t even have access to clean water. In turn they still drink the dirty water and develop many diseases. This is upsetting to me and many others because everyone should have access to clean water because we wouldn’t be able to live without but that’s not the case. 

On that note, because we have such great access to water, we can start bringing water bottles around to always be hydrated. Water bottles can be a hassle sometimes but fortunately companies like hydro flask, Yeti, Camelback, and Nalgene make smaller versions of their water bottles that are easy to carry around. Or if you think those are too expensive, just be like Dominic and reuse plastic water bottles you can find at the store and refill them everyday. Keeping a water bottle on you at all times is helpful for the reason that you aren’t always getting up and going to the water fountain, just as Math teacher Ms.Peters stated when she was asked about the importance of drinking water: “It helps me stay more focused because I don’t feel lightheaded or hungry unless I have to go to the bathroom.” She also said “ Dean: Do you have a water bottle at school with you everyday? Ms.Peters: I have 2.” 

Being healthy also comes with drinking water. Water can help with many different things and for many different reasons. Some of the most beneficial is that it boosts skin clearness and beauty, helps maintain a healthy body temperature and blood pressure, and it even helps lubricate joints in our bones to have smooth movements. Though those are the more popular and well known benefits, there are many more. These include things like cushioning the brain, spinal cord, and other sensitive tissues, flushes body waste, it also forms saliva and mucus, and even the airways need it. When asked How do you think water impacts your day?, Jayshawn replied, “it keeps me in shape so I’m not breathing heavy.” This is important because if you are an athlete like Jayshawn, water will boost your physical activity.