Parade of Lights Citywide Band Spotlight

Parade of Lights Citywide Band Spotlight

Brian Papantonio

Grace McClung and Nina Dorighi, Journalists

This Friday, students from South will be participating in the Parade of Lights as part of the Citywide Band. The parade takes place in Civic Center Park on December 6 at 8 and Saturday, December 7 at 6. It is a 2 mile route around Downtown Denver complete with floats, light displays, and marching bands that is free to watch. The Parade of Lights is perfect for all ages and rings in the holidays and is also a great opportunity to support your fellow South band students. 

As students who have attended the parade before, we think it helps brighten the Christmas spirit and brings holiday traditions to Denver. It also gives South band students an opportunity to showcase their skills. Some of our very own South students participate in the marching band with Denver Citywide band and will be marching in the parade. We interviewed some of the students that are involved. Ben Dorighi who plays the tenor drums says, “My favorite part of being in marching band is getting to play at different places. I get to play at different cool areas and meet new people.” The band prepares weeks in advance with group and individual practices every week. “The music is challenging because it is difficult to play. It is tiring because you walk with heavy drums (60lbs) and you have to repeat the same songs.” They are playing band arrangements based off the Immigrant song by Led Zeppelin and Best Friend by Sofi Tukker as well as song drumline cadences. Four year drummer, Zachary Osgood, is the lead tenor snare drummer for the band which comes with extra responsibility because he is leading the whole band during the song and keeping the band on time and on the right foot. “It’s a lot of pressure because if I mess up, for one its embarrassing because everyone knows and also because the band gets thrown off.” The band has been practicing marching outside to get the steps right as well as working on the music. When asked about the best part about participating in the marching band he says, “The comradery. The people in drumline are fun to hang out with.” Even with the large commitment and many hours of practicing and preparing, everyone has a fun time at the parade. Zach says he is “passionate about music and it is a chance to expand my musical horizons” which the Parade of Lights along with other parades gives the band.

The parade of lights is a great opportunity for our South musicians so make sure to come support them and enjoy a free holiday event. Hope to see everyone there on Friday!