I Need Advice on How to Properly Talk to Girls


Gargoyle Advice, Journalist

I need advice on how to properly talk to girls


Dear Reader,

Girls make me nervous, and I can’t talk to them either, so I can’t really help you here; therefore, I have asked students around South how they talk to girls, and recorded their answers here. 

Luke Matta, a South High freshman says to always keep the conversation going, and to find a common ground. Dean Mauck, a sophmore, says to give her attention and act flirty. His biggest point of advice was to never play hard to get. One student gave loads of advice, including (but not limited to), make friends with her first, complement her, send her tik toks and memes, and if all else fails, just buy here a skateboard, that always works. When interviewed, Rowdy Twarogowski says to be friendly and get to know them, ask questions about her and never talk about yourself, engage in conversation, and try to make friends with her friends. An anonymous source said to be confident but not cocky, be yourself, and talk to them in person, not just snapchat. However, the best piece of advice I heard, was that there is no right way to do it. If you want to talk to a girl and get her to like you, you just have to be honest and yourself, and if she likes your personality than everything will work out.


Good luck,

The Gargoyle