Transitioning from Summer/Fall Clothing to Winter Clothing

Transitioning from Summer/Fall Clothing to Winter Clothing

Sonali Blair, Journalist

Transitioning from Summer/Fall Clothing to Winter Clothing


          Transitioning from fall to winter clothing-wise is difficult, especially for people like me who really do not appreciate 30-degree weather. Also during this transition, I would say, from personal experience at least, that dressing cute is hard and therefore many people just transition from this cute, presentable appearance to a look that resembles a college student that has been cramming for finals for the past three days. Yet, these obstacles and difficult transitions can be overcome by these simple tips right here. 

1. Start Layering: Layering is key to transitioning from fall clothing to winter style, especially if you have not made that exhausting trip to the mall yet for some new winter essentials. 

a. One key to layering is stocking up on knitted cardigans and light jackets in order to stay warm throughout the whole day. This way, you can have another comfortable layer under your large puffy jacket you have for the cold winter. Cardigans and jackets also can be a statement piece for many people, where they act as the color pop to the outfit or they act as a piece that ties the whole outfit together. Either way–for warmth or style–cardigans and light jackets will be useful to you in the winter because they are another warm layer and you do not have to wear your large and oversized puffy jacket around the office or school hallways, for example.        


American Eagle: $20-30    








                                    American Eagle: $20-30  

b. With layering also comes basic pieces that can tie an outfit together, as mentioned previously. Simplicity is always key with fashion, especially in the winter since bright colors usually do not work as well as they do in the spring and summer. Some basic pieces can also have the effect of flexibility with different outfits meaning that a simple basic piece can be so flexible that you can wear it with almost every outfit you put on in the winter. 

c. What I personally miss the most about summer/fall are the dresses and cute skirts I get to wear. But, you don’t have to miss them! What you can do, and might do already, is layer under your skirts and dresses with some cute and simple tights as well as some warm and slightly chunky socks and cute mid-length boots.



 Urban Outfitters’ Star Tights: $16










d. Just like the simple/basic pieces, invest in some comfortable yet stylish pieces that can go with or complement a lot of your wardrobe. Make sure it is something you will wear such as a statement scarf or some boots that will pop with your outfits yet also something that is flexible like mentioned previously. 

2. Change Your Color Composition: Transition your palette from brighter colors to darker neutrals and more muted colors for your clothing, yet your accessories can be brightly colored since they can be considered a statement piece. 

a. Get rid of floral prints or at least tone it down during the winter since flowers represent the spring and warmer weather more. If wearing florals, make sure they are not too bright and contain more muted colors. 

3. Change your accessories for the winter

a. Add a warm and cozy scarf or beanie to your outfit. This accessory will make all the difference. It can easily be a statement piece or a simple/basic piece in order to tie the whole outfit together either way. 



Urban Outfitters:$12 







Urban Outfitters: $14




b.  Look for cute yet waterproof winter boots. This will give you a cute look but will also keep you warm without having to deal with being cold and wet from the snow. They could be a statement piece or a simple/basic piece. 

c. Consider buying a “statement” coat: one being a coat that is both cute and warm and so you can come off fashionable and stylish but also secretly stay warm and comfy. Make sure, though, that this piece is flexible with many of your outfits in your wardrobe. 




Urban Outfitters: $229                










Urban Outfitters: $159






(ATTENTION: these coats are just for an idea and similar coats can be found at Forever21 or H&M since most high school students want style yet cheap)

          Overall, transitioning from fall clothing to winter clothing is I guess not as hard as many people make it out to be (me for example). Layers and accessories are key to a stylish yet comfortable winter, where these pieces can enhance your style yet also help you stay comfortable for the whole of winter. Hence when winter comes, make sure to stock up on your cute cardigans, hats, and boots in order to have a stylish yet equally comfortable winter!