The Lottery

The Lottery

Dean Mauck, Luke Matta, and Dominic McGath, Journalists

Many people over the age of 18 participate in the lottery. According to Americans spent $70.15 billion dollars in total on lottery tickets in a year in the United States. Although many participate very few win. According to you are more likely to be attacked by a shark, be elected president, be struck by lighting, and hit a hole in one,  than winning the lottery. Just a disclaimer before we start the article we do not endorse gambling or the lottery, we rather want to inform you of the dangers of gambling/lottery addiction and money loss due to the lottery. 

Gambling Addiction (in this article we are going to call it lottery addiction) is classified as a mental health issue according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. To explain it, it is the sudden rush of dopamine, an active chemical that is released in your brain that makes you happy or intrigued. So when you get a chance at winning or have fun the first time you participate in the lottery your brain releases surprising amounts of dopamine which makes you crave more of that feeling you felt when you scratched your ticket or won a small amount of money. Some of the consequences of this problem are going into poverty leading you to make even more desperate decisions. 

The lottery is not something you want to do participate in because the odds are so heavily stacked against you at one point the winning money isn’t worth it. A lot of people make headlines for “winning the lottery” but actually they’re not walking away with as much money as you would think. It’s hard to accurately find out the odds of winning and how many loses you would get until a win. But some of the odds we’ve got were about anywhere between 1 in 13 million and  1 in 175 million. According to an article by “Naked Scientists” you will need 20,000 lifetimes to even expect to win the lottery, and the more research you do about the odds of winning you can come to the conclusion of next to impossible to win. People play the lotto 

The promising lottery commercials or social media videos you may often see are nothing short of false advertisement. With colorful images depicting people dancing and receiving money with the quotes that pull you in like “Even you could be a winner” Or “You don’t know until you try” promises viewers a chance to be as rich as their heart desires. This is one of the first stages of lottery addiction. As explained in the first paragraph the odds are heavily weighed against you Always remember and be aware of this addiction because although there is a chance to win, you will probably be wasting your money on these tickets. Also another thing to always keep in the back of your head is that none of the lotto  companies are not on your side. They want you to keep spending money. 

To add to the madness buyers from less fortunate neighborhoods get hit with problem even harder. Due to poverty in those neighborhoods they turn to the lottery to see if they can strike it big to get out of that less comfortable situation and in many cases start to develop a Lottery Addiction after countless times of trying to win and failing. Surrounded by people most likely in the same boat as them they have no help when it comes to their addiction. 

We asked our fellows south students about some questions some questions about the lottery. The questions included the following: 

  • What do you think are the chances of winning the lottery?
  • What would you do with the money if you won the lottery?
  • How would you protect your money? 
  • Do you think money really does buy happiness? 

Junior Taryn Prichard said: 

“Depends on how many people enter into the lottery so I think 1 in a million” 

“I would pay my parents back, then put it into the bank then into college, Oh I would buy a new phone”

“Put it into banks”

“Yes because it takes care of so many struggles in your life, but if you think about it your whole life surrounds around money, that’s why we go to school”

Sophmore Jack Hale said:

“Pretty slim”

“I would move and buy a big house and a shark tank”

“I would put it in a bank or a trustworthy person”


“Waterskis make you happy don’t they” 


Sophmore Gierma Livingston said:


 “I probably buy a house”

 “Probably put it in my pants”



Sophmore Quaid Hunt said:

“1 out of a billion”

“Invest in apple”

“Make a bomb shelter”

“I would buy a farm”

“Kill them with my axe that I bought with all my money”

“Money cant buy happiness, but happiness can help you get money”


Junior Bryce Jones said:

 “1 in 1”

 “Buy Dom a house”

 “I wouldn’t”

  “Heck yeah”