Fashion Emergencies


Dear Reader, 

Here’s how to deal with fashion emergencies:

Bring a sweatshirt

Having a sweatshirt handy will fix almost all fashion emergencies. Like leaking on your period, a sudden weather change or spills.  


For me spills are an everyday struggle. The most embarrassing is when you spill water and it looks like you peed your pants. A handy sweatshirt will cover most spills but this isn’t the only solution. 

Quick Fix: If you don’t have a sweatshirt depending on the spill you could purposely spill more water to disguise the problematic spill. Make a joke about how clumsy you are and excuse yourself if possible to change clothes. 

Same outfit 

From my experience this is a rare scenario but it happens. If you are going to an event where there are specific clothes you wear like homecoming you could buy a backup dress.But,this isn’t practical. The best advice is to laugh about it. Take pictures with your doppelganger, make it a big joke. Most people will feel bad for you and some will laugh. 


Wrinkles can be so frustrating! When you have been planning an outfit for days and you pull it out only to discover something has wrinkled! 

A Quick fix: Take a very hot morning shower. Hang up your outfit in the bathroom with the door closed. The steam from the shower should get rid of some of the wrinkles.       


Good Luck!


The Gargoyle