November Photo Feature: Hibba Haghegh

Nina Dorighi and Grace McClung


This month, the featured photo was taken by senior Hibba Haghegh. She is currently taking AP photography after 2 years of experience. When asked about the purpose and intent behind the photo she says,” Its more for the audience to interpret. There are multiple ways to view it. I see it as she’s looking at the light trying to get out. She is trying to escape anxiety and stress. It represents how anxiety holds you back.” According to Hibba, her photography is mostly black and white because she says, “it shows more emotions. I think with color the viewer focuses on like clothes and less on the emotion.” Personally, we think the photographer did a great job of capturing the emotion in the subject and creating a feeling of hope with the lighting in the eyes. We also like the black and white effect because it adds to the drama and emotion. Catherine Yow says,” I like how there is a plain background behind such a dramatic pose and subject.”